Medicine Ways V

Valerie Eagleheart

Valerie Eagle Heart

Those who know me well know that I like being in control, being in charge.  I like the feel of my hand on the throttle, guiding my way through my life.

Taking charge, creating order from chaos, bringing balance are things I’m very good at doing.  All is well in my world when I’m in charge of Self.

My Prayer is always that by creating balance & harmony in my personal world this will be reflected in the world ‘out there’.  I move through life behaving as if I am the 100th Monkey.  I’m washing that 100th potato that will shift the consensus!

There are places in our lives when we are asked to step outside our comfort zones to take that step into uncomfortable places.  These places are good for the exploration of Spirit for the growth of the Soul and bring us closer to the Center.  I remind myself often that unknown zones, dimensions and realties are good for me.  I expand my personal horizons on all levels when I allow and sometimes force myself to venture outside of myself.  Stepping away from familiar patterns and paths, those particular ways of getting there.

I have Danced the SunMoon Dance for a very long time.  This past August I was blessed to Dance my 16th, the completion of 4 Dance Wheels, the Sacred 4 X 4.  The 16th year of Dance is the Spiritual within the Spiritual.  It sounds like this should be the Dance of all Dances.  This one should open the doors to the All & Everything!

I chose to Dance in a very familiar place because of messages from Spirit about the Blessings this would bring for all who would come.  In following this inspiration and what I know was a Divine Message, I realized that I would have to place myself in total surrender.  I would need to surrender into the care of those who know me well.  It was a must that I remove my hand from the throttle and put total trust in those in whose care I would be.  I argued with myself, my High Self and with The Source about taking this step.  I made more Prayers about what I already knew in my Heart of Hearts.  OK!  Surrender!  Get in there and get the Prayer done.  What did it matter that others would see, feel and know me in one of my most vulnerable places?

Of all the Dances I have done this one was second in difficulty only to the Prayer I made 3 months after my husband died in 2011.  The heat was intense, burning into the core to bring up anything and everything that needed to be released.  And then, the “magic,” that step into Spirit where nothing matters.  The body, the heat, the pain in the back…nothing matters because it’s only you and The Source, you and Your God.  And part of the magic in the Realm of Spirit is the surrender which is an experience that really has no words. 

How do you say in words what happens when you meet Yourself in God?