Mindfulness III

Mindfulness and The Law of Attraction
Valerie Delffori



Valerie Delffori

Valerie Delffori

The art of manifestation and the Law of Attraction have become popular modern concepts.  We are becoming increasingly aware that we can manifest what we want in our future and attract what we want and deserve.  But there could be something we are missing, which is the idea of manifesting what we need for ourselves within.  Many of us are focused on changing circumstances and material things around us, but have neglected the most important thing: taking care of our “inner world.” Practicing Mindfulness helps us to keep our inner world (mind, body, spirit) clear so that just as we can manifest our futures and changing the world around us and how we experience it.  We can also create a whole new inner world if we just focus inwards with the intention to heal.

My son is a psychology student.  He was talking about “false realities” the other day.  He was studying how every single person has their own version of reality.  So you can have the same event happen, but every person involved in that event has his or her own perspective and memory of the same thing.  In other words, every one of our realities are influenced by our own nature (ancestral, genetic influences) and our nurture (current life experiences).  These influences colour our inner worlds and how we perceive our outer world.

This means that, through experiencing and healing our inner dimensional world through Mindfulness, healing and other practices, we can create change in our outer world, and how we perceive it.  So to clearly manifest and create, we need to do good energetic housekeeping, where we are living in the present and keeping a clear and realistic mindset at all times.  This gives us the template from which to go forward and make new beginnings.

Many of us know intellectually what needs to change and what beliefs we need to let go of.  But this is all to do with conscious thinking.  Our Soul or Higher Self, our unconscious, could be likened to the depths of a deep lake.  On the surface it is calm, but hidden in it’s depths are many objects which block it’s energy, as well as beautiful things like plants and fish.  To translate this metaphor, we all like to project a strong, whole persona to the world (the calm surface), while underneath are many aspects of us that are unhealed and need to be released or resolved.  Through Mindfulness, we can be fully congruent at all times as we meditate regularly and examine our emotions and reactions as they arise, rather than burying them at the bottom of the lake, which can become full and blocked over time.  To take the metaphor further, when the lake is full, anxiety disorders can arise, such as depression, OCD, panic attacks, etc.  With Mindfulness, we attend to what is blocking us with a non-judgmental and present mindset, with a view to keeping the deeper psyche and soul clear and whole.

My own concept of Mindfulness is that it is a wonderful tool for self-managing our own anxiety and stress.  Keeping a Mindful outlook, along with the discipline of Meditation, has been proven to significantly reduce anxiety and stress.  Other more serious disorders, such as depression, have also been proven to be positively impacted by the practice of Mindfulness.

People are beginning to understand that we have more control than previously realized over the manifestation of a positive future.  Keeping a clear, calm and positive mindset through practicing Mindfulness and meditation can help us to utilize our mind and energy as a powerful tool for positive change in our lives.

Many people today are understanding this now.  If you are feeling frustrated about the same old stuff happening despite trying to make changes, Mindfulness can help.  The more we heal our inner world, the more positive we become and the more powerful and stronger we feel within out mind, body and soul.  This in turn leads to a feeling of wholeness and gratitiude, which creates more to be positive and grateful for in our lives.  The Law of Attraction is the idea that “like attracts like,”  so if we are chanting positive affirmations and visualizing a positive future, but our inner world feels blocked because of neglected deep emotions or memories, these energies will be subtly sabotaging our good intentions.  Mindfulness and meditation will help to clear, then empower those good intentions and as we heal, those intentions will become stronger and more powerful.

So through compassion to others, kindness, charity and generosity we can make a difference to others while practicing a Mindful mindset.  But we should also remember to give all of those things to ourselves also;  kindness, forgiveness, compassion and non-judgment is needed so that we can begin to move forward.  We all deserve these things, yet many of us would rather reach out and heal others than ourselves. This is because it can be hard to examine our own emotions and wounds.  However,  this task is an important and necessary one, if we truly wish to move forward into a better future. 

There are many healing modalities out  there that can help us to do this.  Mindfulness is a good place for us to begin, as it can be used as a platform from which we can then clearly see our next step forward and manifest a wonderful and positive future.

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