Right Action IV

The Game Is Changing

Bettye Cates

Bettye Cates

Bettye Cates

Can you feel it? There has been a shift of energy recently as we have moved away from the last of the Uranus/Pluto skirmishes that have darkened humanity’s perceptions for the last few years. We now stand on the precipice of a whole new expression of the God Spark Within, uniting with others to manifest a better future for all than would otherwise have been our fate. However, we are not out of the woods, yet. 

There are still many low energy crazies out there seeking to hurt or even kill others for their own twisted reasons. But what was once ignored as an unpleasant reality has now been brought to our awareness. When we see things in our world today that do not fit the picture of the life that we want to manifest, we can send our thoughts and prayers for the highest and best outcome for all involved. But we also have a spiritual responsibility to take action in the physical world to make changes that will lead us into that more peaceful existence we all dream.

What hopeful dream have you been pondering that, for you, represents Utopia? Have you taken any real or symbolic steps towards reaching that goal? Have you given up on dreaming of a better future because it has never worked out before? Take heart! The “new and improved you” that is now “coming on line” will be far more capable of manifesting positive outcomes than before because you will be co-creating that better life with like-minded others. The seeds that you plant now will bear ripe fruit in the future. This is the promise of the Harmonic Concordance; manifesting a higher path for humanity, in the Here and Now, as conceptualized by an increasingly enlightened collective consciousness!

Up until now, our society, culture, and history have taught us to hope for the best, but to expect the worst. This tendency towards pessimism has been adopted largely to keep us from being disappointed. Many religious traditions have implied at least that we must forever suffer through hell before we can get to the good stuff. Some even participate in making life on Earth as difficult as possible for those who disagree with their beliefs – in hopes of hastening the end of what they see as the divine game of life.

Still others believe that their God will someday wipe away their enemies with great prejudice, leading only their clan to blissful reward in some promised land. They steadfastly follow religious traditions, dictated to an ancient people with limited understanding, as if they have had the ultimate interactive relationship with God. If that God those ancients revered inspired them to take over city after city, kill the rightful inhabitants, and destroy the lives and possessions of others, perhaps those ancients were unknowingly being deceived by one of those demons that many modern “believers” still fear.

Just sayin’…

The God I believe in is the Spirit of Unconditional Love; turn the other cheek, love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others as you would have done unto you, etc… Were these not the teachings of Jesus? Wasn’t Jesus supposed to be the fulfillment of a “New Covenant” between God and humanity, and the final blood sacrifice? If the God of old was about war, death, and exclusionism, the new covenant was one of peace, eternal life and embracing all with compassion, consideration, and understanding. Just as man has evolved through his relationship with God, perhaps God has also evolved over time through relationship with humankind. This evolved God might no longer delight in the destruction of enemies (as if that was ever His/Her delight in the past), rather than the ambitious strivings of some dominant alpha male ego claiming to have an inside line to God’s wishes. Jesus said to judge a tree by its fruit. The God that I would choose to emulate is vibrating with a loving heart for all people.

We tolerate way too much intolerance these day. Here in America, laws are being made by wealthy corporate moguls who buy off politicians to keep tipping the balance of power in their favor at the painful expense of the everyday citizens who our elected officials are supposedly serving. The masses are constantly barraged by the main stream media with lies and propaganda enforcing false beliefs and fears that are not for their ultimate good. It seems to be assumed by those manipulators that most people will not take the time to research the full ramifications of their political and religious agendas beyond the basic talking points.

The message coming from Spirit, for some time now, has been that we are not doomed to suffer the negative projections inflicted upon us by less evolved others. The spiritually aware know that we manifest what we focus our thoughts on, whether positive or negative. Unfortunately, those in power have striven to kept us ignorant of our personal rights and spiritual inheritance as divine expressions of a loving God. Their only claim to authority is rooted in our own fear.
We all want to see more abundance and happiness in the world, but we have been viewing life through a darkly tinted lens for too long. We need to collectively wake up to a new reality, one in which we all have imagined a beautiful dream of the future of peace, joy and abundance for all, and then work, together, to make it a reality.

One of the toughest personal challenges today is to shake off our social complacency and to stand up against corporate power grabs that jeopardize the safety and future of our quality of life and our air, food and water supplies. For example, we need our farmers in their fields producing healthy foods instead of being sued for some Monsanto patent infringement over genetically dead terminator seeds dropped into an otherwise organically grown field by some unsuspecting bird. Rather than pressing charges over theft of what is not wanted in the first place, Monsanto should prosecuted for contaminating a sustainable crop!
In another example, we need to make the public acutely aware of how Nestle Foods is systematically pulling critical water supplies out of what should be publicly owned aquifers. They then turn around and sell that same water at a significant profit to those fortunate enough to be able to afford the luxury of a plastic bottle that requires 4 times more water than it contains just to manufacture, which will only wind up in land fills and/or floating around in our oceans for eons.

And once again we are lamenting another oil spill, resulting in massive destruction to the ecosystem of the Santa Barbara coast where fish and wildlife are already suffering from incredibly high radiation levels from the ongoing, yet mostly now forgotten, disaster caused by the Fukushima Nuclear Plant meltdown. Yet politicians are still pushing for a granddaddy of all oil pipelines to be constructed right across America’s bread-basket and sacred Native American tribal lands, all to make some Canadian oil barons a little bit richer.

Another injustice is the demonization of marijuana in this country. It is total hypocrisy that the Federal Government holds a patent on marijuana for medicinal use, while at the same time classifying it as more dangerous than heroine and methamphetamine, even as it has proven to be less harmful than legal alcohol and tobacco. Reachers around the world have successfully treated Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), cancer, epilepsy, and more with cannabis. In the face of such evidence, a certain bent of political puppets continue to legislate solely to benefit big pharma campaign contributors, insuring that “for profit prisons” remain filled to capacity with non-violent offenders. Young, often minority lives, are ruined, forever tainted by criminal records which prevent them from fulfilling their highest potential as working, tax paying, and voting members of society.

The pharmaceutical industry alone spends billions lobbying to protect their obscene profits from the threat of competition by God’s natural plants, while poisoning us with their sometimes even deadly experimental drugs. Archaic and punitive laws pushing corporate profit interests are being used to justify a “war on drugs” by those we trust to protect and serve. It is spiritually imperative that we collectively take action to change those laws and redirect our government to serve the people rather than corporations.

The time has come to change what we may not have thought we could! We must not assume, because dreams got replaced by a less than stellar reality, that we will never achieve them in the future. We are working under different rules to a new game, and while we have yet to figure out all the details, it is important is to stay hopeful, engaged, and aware of issues in our world that are not working to the highest and best good of all.

That God Spark Within is crying out to be fanned into a giant golden flame, burning up the inequities and injustices we have so long accepted without question. We must, as Ghandi implored, be the change we want to see in the world, and watch the world become one with us!

Mitakuye Oyasin! We are all related!

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