Sacred Geometry I

Sacred Geometry and the Quest for the Grail

Philip Gruber

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In his introduction to The Holy Grail, Malcolm Godwin remarks that the legend of the Grail, more than any other Western myth,

……….…has retained the vital magic which marks it as a living legend.  At
its core there exists a secret which has sustained its mystical appeal. 
.Some alchemical process appears to be triggered…transforming this
.…story…into an archetypal dream image of the Ultimate Quest for All
and Everything.  The Grail Quest is…recognized…as the greatest of
all spiritual endeavours.” 

In questing for the Grail, we connect with the ultimate creative mystery that is both within ourselves and all things…the remembrance of who we are, where we came from, and why we continue to be.

One only has to look at the enormous success of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings books and films, and the enduring appeal of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, to be reminded that there still persists within the human psyche and the human heart an unquenchable thirst to recover Tolkien’s primeval jewels, the Silmarrili, the radiance of pure light that we once knew ourselves to be!  We long for that return to innocence, the sense of awe, wonder and mystery we held as children, where everything fit, and (most) everything made sense.

The late, great myth master and storyteller Joseph Campbell reminded us that myth provides a bridge between our local consciousness and the “mysterium tremendum et fascinans” of the Universe…the sheer environment of being, the realm of nature and deep beginnings, of transcendental realms and eternal forms (we are all eternal thought-forms in the mind of God), as well as interpretive images that help bridge the gap between our local consciousness and that of the Universe.

The study of Sacred Geometry provides us with many interpretive images that help put us in touch with what Campbell called the ‘mythic moment’, a field of infinite possibilities, when everything begins to make sense again, when everything fits in perfect harmony!

Geometry means the measure of the Earth…how much less the measure of man, or woman, for that matter?  In the study of Geometry is re-discovered the blueprint of creation, the genesis of all form, the architecture of the Universe, our “pattern of perfection”  The ancients knew it all too well!  The immense popularity of this subject is a testament to the enduring hold it has always swayed in our imaginations.  It’s fascination and magic is timeless!  From the dance of sub-atomic particles to the spiraling of galaxies and yellow-brick roads; from the ‘arc’ in architecture to the ‘ark’ of the covenant, Geometry allows us to see the harmony and the order of the God-Mind made manifest.  It is a meeting point of the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’ worlds.  With a basic understanding of the Geometric principles that mirror and inform the very act of creation and the growth and evolution of all manifest forms in nature, we can participate more fully in the act of conscious co-creation, evolution, manifestation and healing.  

Sacred Geometry is the study of patterns, patterns of energy/consciousness that the Divine uses to organize and manifest itself here in myriad shapes and an endless multiplicity of forms, reminding us that the original meaning of the word “Grail” itself is “pattern.”  Holy and sacred patterns that act as windows, or doorways through which the fullness of God can be known.  

Sacred Geometry has always been used as a valuable tool for self-discovery and self-knowledge.  When the sacred is seen in everything, one can more readily acknowledge the God-Force that lovingly moves through each and every one of us at every moment; our consciousness “breaks into the world of ideas” and we become modern-day Prometheans! 

We can, like Wolfram’s Parsival (one who pierces the veil), use Sacred Geometry as a tool to seek for the Grail.  We have always carried the Grail within us.  The true Grail Quest is about setting ourselves free!  It is a search to re-claim our eternal souls.  And when we commune with our own Inner Christos, the Ultimate Mystery, through the agency of the Grail, we re-enact a precious and holy co-creative act, recovering the Silmarrilion, and the “light before the sun.”


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