Sandy Stevenson

Born in Australia, Sandy spent many years based in the UK, travelling extensively around the world. She lived in a few countries and experienced many wonderful places and adventures such as crossing the Sahara, crewing on an ocean liner, seeing icebergs in the midnight sun, camel riding, and surviving a hurricane in the North Atlantic.

In 2004 she swapped her lovely Victorian home in the UK countryside to return to Australia where she now lives happily by the ocean. She feels very blessed for the life that she has led and for my lovely family and friends.

She has spent many years devoted to study of the human spirit. Similar to most people, there have been trials along the way but she has tried to see the positive side and to use these as a learning opportunity and a chance to grow. She helps where she can and believes that is what we are here for. Sandy hopes that her writing helps people in understanding the beautiful gift of life.

Please visit Sandy’s enlightening web page,  She can also be contacted via e-mail at 

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