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Use Your Anger to Ignite Your Passion!!
Elizabeth Tobin

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It’s been an interesting month or so.  I’ve noticed in my Resonance Repatterning private session clients whose anger has been up for people big time.  And you can see this in the world around us, too.  But on a positive note, what’s really going on is that we are in a phase of accelerated evolution.  The earth is being bathed in stronger and stronger waves of energy.  And we humans are being affected by this influx of light.    

The good news is that more and more people are awakening to their personal power.  They are realizing that it’s time to take responsibility for what we are collectively creating on this earth.  But we’re still in the process of this evolution and most people are still integrating this awakened inner power and many are struggling with knowing how to wield it.    

This is creating a lot of inner tension and stirring up a lot of anger and frustration because what we know to be true on the inner planes has not yet manifested on the outer planes.  This gives rise to the real yearning and impetus for change that people are feeling right now.  Even those who haven’t awakened are feeling this urgency to change things.    

But here’s the problem….

Trying to change what you perceive is wrong in the world without first looking inward and doing the personal inner transformation only feeds the fear and anger that divides us.

Outer transformation starts with inner transformation.  Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

Anger can actually be a very empowering emotion and it’s not always bad.  In fact, anger can be a wonderful positive change agent – if it is channeled that way.  But most people have been conditioned to handle their anger in one of two ways:

  1. They suppress, avoid or deny their anger, or
  2. They get hooked into the endorphin rush of ranting, raving and posturing to make themselves feel more powerful.

Neither approach gets you want you truly want.    

This is where the connection between anger and passion comes in.  Whether you’re suppressing your anger or unconsciously using explosive outbursts to mask your feelings of inadequacy this leaves you stuck on the non-coherent end of the anger spectrum.  When you are in touch with your anger, you can use it with integrity as a catalyst for right action and positive change.

Here’s how….    

Allow yourself to feel the anger – free of resisting it and free of being seduced by its power — then you’ll be able to transcend the anger and move up the continuum of coherence to unleash your passion.    

This is why I like to say that anger is the shadow-self of passion.  Many lightworkers are afraid of their anger because it is so powerful.  They are afraid the anger will overtake them.  The power and force of their anger scares them.  So it feels safer to push the anger away, to avoid it or suppress it at all costs.    

But here’s the thing: If you’re working hard to keep a lid on your anger, chances are you’re also keeping the lid on your passion and you don’t even know it.    

It’s like what happens when you suppress grief, you also suppress your experience of joy.  As with anything in your shadow, if you allow your anger to emerge out of your shadow and into the light then you can use it in very constructive ways.    

In order to unleash your passion, you likely first have to become more comfortable with your anger.  The more you can express it appropriately, the more comfortable you will be with it.  It’s not about picking a fight or looking for an argument, or avoiding a difficult conversation, or sweeping things under the rug, or letting things slide.    

Expressing your anger appropriately is a skill.  It’s a delicate dance that requires practice to find the right balance.   It’s also the entry way into more intimate, loving and harmonious relationships — as well as an important step into living with more passion.     

When you feel confident about something you can face it head on.  When you feel confident expressing your anger you can move it out of your shadow and into the light.  It becomes a resource that you can use for the greater good.  And you may find that your passion increases.

Lots of people are angry about the economy and there are wildly differing opinions about what should be done about it.    Government regulation?  A new banking system?  And what about the international scope of the global economy?  It seems that lots of people can identify what’s wrong with our current system, but when you ask them how we can change it, the problem feels too overwhelming.

Well, I have a feeling that our new economic system, grounded in the higher vibrations of this shift of the ages, is going to come from individuals – people like you and me – who have awakened their passion and creativity.    

As Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes YOU come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I believe that many people are yearning to do work that makes them come alive.  They feel dissatisfied with the crumbling power structure and their current job that is enmeshed within it.  They feel pulled to do work that makes them feel fulfilled, uplifts others and enhances the greater good.    

But at the same time they feel uncertain as to how to move into their new livelihood, become a spiritual entrepreneur, or meld spirit in business.  And with good reason.  It’s hard to leave a job – especially if it pays you well – and start over again.    

This kind of change requires a BIG leap of faith.

It’s about knowing who you are.  It’s about taking personal responsibility to not be a martyr or a slave.  It’s about being in integrity with what you value.  It’s about using your creative juices to fuel what you love to do.  In short, it’s about unleashing your passion and going for it!  This sounds exhilarating, doesn’t it?

But when it comes time to really go full throttle with freedom and abandon, do you put the pedal to the metal or do you instinctively ease off the accelerator? Think about that for a moment.  Because that’s what your passion is; it’s your accelerator.

If you’re like most people you’ve been conditioned from early childhood to not get too excited, to calm down, sit still, fold your hands on your desk, and don’t raise your voice.  The result is that after years of living in this constrained state, unleashing your passion can feel kind of scary – too intense, too out of control.    

But the fact is that without passion life feels flat and meaningless.  Tedium and boredom sap your energy, your body feels as heavy as a lump of lead and your mind feels as dull as a cloudy glass.    

Let’s face it; people like this aren’t going to create the new economy or anything else for that matter.

Isn’t it time to release your unconscious, internal governor that limits how good you can feel?

The world needs you to come alive.    

This is your time.    

Right now!

Let’s Hear from You: What are you passionate about?  How do you keep your passion burning?  Was there a time when you lost your passion?  How did you get it back?

We can get the ball rolling!  Post your comments below.    

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