Spirits of Fire I

The Nature of Fire

John & Lyn St Clair-Thomas


Image Credit: pixabay.com

Of all the elements, Fire has the fewest number and variety of types of nature spirits associated with it.  Fire spirits are associated with the element fire in all its forms, as well as with the spark of life within all things.  Their activities call forth the fire archetypes from within the Sun and within the Earth and express them at the Earth’s surface within the atmosphere.  As with nature spirits of all types, they do their work through the materials of various metaphysical realms: the etheric field and the astral and higher planes.

At the very highest levels, a range of angels and devas work with the fires of Creation, bringing the essence of the original archetype down through the planes from Soul.  These are the angels and devas of the forces of Creation.  They are not specifically related to fire, as they work through all the elements in turn, however they begin their activities with fire and it plays a very important part in all their work.  These great spirits initially work with fire through air.  They connect with the Angels of Light in the atmosphere, working with light as an aspect of fire.  The angels and devas of creative forces include spirits of sound, colour and music, these all being modes of Creation.

The smaller spirits of fire work with activating etheric and astral substance.  Their work is twofold.  They vitalise the etheric field generally so as to make it receptive to astral forces.  They also increase activity and change the density of various parts of the etheric so as to lay down a framework for the nature spirits of the other elements to work with.  Astral forces in the environment of these changed areas are also activated in preparation for invigorating the matter of the physical plane and expressing all forms of fire.  These spirits have energy centres at the chest and the head.

Nature spirits of fire include salamanders, larger spirits associated with tectonic and volcanic activity and solar spirits.  An interesting feature of salamanders is that they are never seen to move backwards, whereas the nature spirits of the other three elements all do so at times.

Solar Spirits

A great solar angel resides within the Sun, presiding over every aspect of its function.  His aura reaches out throughout the Solar System, affecting everything within it.  Just as the Sun’s gravitational field, its heat and solar winds extend throughout the Solar System, so too do this angel’s metaphysical effects.  He is so immense that it is very difficult for a human being to perceive him, even with the inner eye of metaphysical vision.  One tends to register him as a light so bright that no detail is apparent.  This light source is seen shining behind the many and various angels, devas and fire spirits who are a part of the Sun’s function.  He oversees every fire function within the Solar System.

The Sun is essential for life on this planet.  It emits heat and light.  Air moderates the heat and harmful rays from the Sun, so that life on Earth can be sustained.  The resulting warmth is a physical and metaphysical aspect of heat.  It is nurturing and sustaining.  Metaphysically, warmth and life are practically identical.  Warmth works through the element earth predominantly, countering the inherent darkness and coldness of the earth element and allowing it to become a fertile womb.  Warmth from the Sun also moderates and stabilises the forces of contraction and expansion that are key functions of the element, earth.

Smaller, but still enormous, highly evolved solar devas protrude from the orb of the Sun, extending from its surface in every direction like petals surrounding a great sunflower.  They have the appearance of barely seen figures of light almost completely concealed within shifting veils of plasma-like substance.  The lower parts of their forms are immersed within the Sun’s fire.  Flames wrap all around them, moving to alternately hide and reveal their heads, which are crowned with light.  These are powerful, radiant centres of consciousness that beam light from eyes made of fire.  These great spirits reach from the astral world up through the planes to the highest levels, transforming spiritual light down through the planes at the instigation of the solar angel who stands behind them.

Even smaller devas bask within the light of the larger devas.  These are located here and there around the Sun, springing into states of increased activity when solar flares or sunspots form.

Smaller nature spirits of fire are called salamanders and these are present in and on the Sun in vast numbers.  Their sizes vary greatly, with some being minute and others quite huge.  They are golden yellow in colour, with touches of brilliant orange.  They have little definite form, having mainly a head with glowing, intelligent eyes and a suggestion of arms or wings.  The lower parts of the body tail away in an elongated curving trail or coil of energy.  The absence of form in these spirits is not an indication of a low state of evolution as it would be if this characteristic was present in an Earth nature spirit.  Instead it is a reflection of the nature of the Sun, where all is in constant movement and there is little form evident.

The salamanders swim with undulating movements through the material of the Sun, following the patterns of the etheric and astral currents that flow within and around it.  Frequently they spring clear of the densest part of the burning surface gases, moving in graceful arcs.  They do not pause in their flight, but immediately dive back into the flames to disappear from view.  Salamanders appear and disappear constantly, so that any part of the Sun that one observes seems to be alive with their activity.