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Ascensional Tools: The Art of Janosh

Johnny Mirehiel


In 2004, Jan and I were joined by Phil Gruber (world famous for his expertise in Sacred Geometry) for a six nation speaking tour of Europe during which we spoke about a sequence of three astrological configurations I had dubbed The Quintiles of October[1] (2004).  In explicating the astrology of those five-pointed planetary patterns, I pointed to the Spiritual significance of the Sacred Geometry within them.  Included in those patterns was the well known Venus cycle that I saw as implying a great deal of Spiritual potential, as well as containing the astrological signature of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine.

In The Netherlands, met a contingent of spiritually awakened Harmonic Concordance celebrants who were now open to hosting us and we spoke twice during our week long stay in Amsterdam.  One of the venues was in the basement classroom beneath a studio owned by and featuring the work of the artist known simply as Janosh.  He had been attracted to our Quintiles talk because of its connections to the Sacred Geometry, in both the Pentagonal geometry in the Quintiles and Hexagonal images found in the original Harmonic Concordance chart.  

Following our presentation, we finally had the opportunity to speak with Janosh.  He had with him a dozen or so “post cards,” that he gifted us with.  Each had imprinted on it an individual image of one shape or another of beautiful geometrical patterns which he called “Holograms.”   He explained that the images, which he saw as tools to meditate upon, had originally been drawn from his own study of the geometrical patterns in a variety of crop circles he had studied.  This was immediately interesting to me because, in 2002, Colin Andrews published this photo of what we came to call, “The Harmonic Concordance Crop Circle,” for obvious reasons: it reflected he same hexagonal shape found in the Concordance chart found some four years earlier.

Concordance Crop Circle (new)

The end product of Janosh’s inSpirited visions corresponded nicely to what I have come to call, Ascended Qualities.  Actually, each Quality represents one or another of the many aspects of a “Creator Conscious” individual, one I see as an ever expanding, Ascending Person, continually working on the “Prime Directive,” to Know Thyself.   Apparently Janosh shares some of that same perspective as his current website now says, “Think of [them] as a tool to clear up your subconscious and get to know yourself even better.”

Here, I present along with the images, the notes Janosh gave us, in his own “Conversations with Spirit,” as he had briefly formulated them back in 2004.  These images, with expanded messages, are on display at his beautiful website, where you can also find more than 100 of the Holographic images he calls “Mirrors of the Soul,” along with interesting spiritually related columns, activations, a “Pick a Card” option and archived web casts.

But why more that 10 years after that meeting, am I bringing this information forward, now?   Well, it’s like this: upon arriving back home and unwinding for a few days off that whirlwind, five-week dash through Europe, we packed away our passports, some memorabilia and a few gifts from our European friends and hosts, among them Janosh’s elegant post cards.  Every year or so since then, one of us would say, “Hey, have you seen our passports?”  But, since we never were sized by the need for another “foreign adventure,” we also were never all that motivated to search high and low to find them.

Then, at the beginning of this year, came a massive house renovation.  Out went worn rugs and battered furnishings, old clothes, dozens of previously read books and multiple knickknacks.  New paint was splashed on the walls and contemporary appliances glistened in the kitchen.  And at last, up out of the back of a renovated closet, appeared the passports, memorabilia, and Janosh’s post cards.

The Sacred Geometry beneath these six images might be apparent, but I also encourage you to visit Janosh’s website and explore, enjoy and learn from the more than 100 Holograms that may be found there.   I hope that you will come to meditate on them and allow them to speak to you, too.



The Energy of Awareness makes you see that there is more to things than meets the eye.
It keeps you in the Here and Now and makes you alert.


connection grThe Energy of Connection helps you to connect with your Higher Self.
Listen to this inner wisdom.


intention gr

The Energy of Intention helps you confirm your choices.
Trust the choices you make, knowing they are simply the best for you.


enlightenment grThe Energy of Enlightenment helps you to realize that you are a Being of Light.
You are the personification of Strength and Divinity.


dualitygrThe energy of Duality helps you come to peace with your own inner duality.
It helps you live in Balance, Oneness and Harmony as you may continue on your path to Cosmic Consciousness.


forgiveness gr

The Energy of Forgiveness helps you find the strength to forgive yourself for whatever judgement you impose on yourself.
Forgive yourself because you act based on the knowledge that you have at a certain moment of time.
You can do no wrong.  Forgiveness shows you there is nothing to forgive.

Thanks for the reminders, Janosh.


[1] In astrology there are two angular relationships between planets, that are collectively known as the Quintile aspects.  They are 72º and 144º and when five planets are thus far apart, they form the pattern of a precise 5-sided Pentagram.

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