The Nine Directions


An Introduction

Johnny Mirehiel

 “… a perfect harmony between the nine levels of evolution has hardly manifested as a reality
in most of us. After this significant shift of the ages that we have been through, there is still a lot for us
to absorb. In order to strengthen our work to create a civilization based on unity consciousness…
the ninth wave will need to be fully integrated in our being.”  
Carl Johan Calleman *


Johnny Mirehiel

Thank you for your interest in this presentation of The Nine Directions.  Its practice is rooted in my own nearly five decade-long study of ancient, historical and contemporary practices.  I am sure many of these are familiar to those who have explored their own studies of Spiritual paths to Self-Conscious Awareness.

The “Prime Directive” to which these Nine are in service, was illuminated millennia ago in ancient Greece where, inscribed on the inner lintel in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, was the aphorism, “Man, know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and the Gods.”

For me, the Journey of the Nine Directions has come to embody my intellectual, emotional and Spiritual commitment to fulfilling that “Directive.”  Along this Path of Self discovery I have attempted to look at the complex and unified nature of a Spiritually satisfying 3-D experience.  Consequently, I consciously try to be open to the energies that the Nine tell me are within me, and which are truly available to me in any moment of the ever-present Now. 

New Roads – Ancient Signposts

A major part  of my Spiritual life and pursuits has been via the Red Road, the ceremonial traditions of America’s Indigenous People.  As an outlier, from the “Awopaho” tribe of the South Bronx, I certainly do NOT claim a Native Indian’s authority for my practice of these Nine Directions.  But they are what I aspire to in my Spiritual Life.

Historically, those Indigenous traditions have recognized Seven Directions.   As I have come to understand them (The East, South, West, North, Mother Earth, Father Sun and Creator), each is acknowledged in their Medicine Wheel practices and recognized as energies, expressed in these metaphors, which are both external and internal to us.

To those Sacred Seven, I have added two, and rank them as co-equal partners to the traditional Seven.  They are All My Relations and The Void, the latter not so markedly noted in Indigenous traditions as the former. 

I have also taken poetic license of a sort in re-naming “Creator.”  In my fact finding trip through this life, I have come to believe there is an energetic, consciousness carrying something which stands behind and throughout even that majestic thought.  Thus, “Creation.”  When I look at them as a whole, these Nine seem to me to reflect a pretty complete set of metaphors that objectively describe the Self Aware Ascended Man.  As such, they represent both internal and external Spiritual forces that we can call upon for assistance.   They illuminate Mankind’s inner capacities which are each part of Hu-mankind’s birthright; our Spiritual DNA.

In short, when we truly accept all the multi-Dimensional facets of ourselves – and what they mean – we move further towards consciously merging with that “Creator” within each of us.  Thus, in knowing who we are, acknowledging it openly, and behaving as that unified Personage to the best of our abilities, we not only bring Spiritual values into our daily life and work but we also accept total responsibility as the Self-Aware Creator of that life.

I have come to these conclusions, in part, through my understanding of the Medicine Wheel.  However, an expanded explication of my Directions does not solely rely on Indigenous traditions.  They are also based on elements, applications and the nomenclature derived from ancient Egyptian and Greek rites, widely acknowledged and ages old Wisdom, Gnostic and Pagan teachings and New Age beliefs, a dollop of contemporary physics, and a smattering of my own astrological knowledge.

In my own life and conscious Spiritual practice, I draw upon those universal metaphors for the light they shine on my effort to “know myself.”  Together, they represent who and what I believe I really am.  For me, it is important to see, think of and feel each of the Nine Directions – acting as, guiding and contributing to the model I would like to emulate throughout the remainder this 3-D experience, and beyond.

It is also my hope that they may sound a note of Truth for you too.

In Gratitude and the ONE Heart,
Johnny Mirehiel

*  Carl Johan Calleman, Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar.


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