The Self Healing Self IV


Maria Kramer 

Surrendering to the Eternal Light of Love that you are.”

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Maria Kramer

The theme for this benevolent year that seems to resonate everywhere one’s attention flows is: Self-love.  It makes so much sense as we are all on the path of Self-Realization of which LOVE is the foundational ingredient.  It is wonderful to see humanity deepening their self-inquiry as individuals and as a global consciousness.   So what is self-love?  What is the purpose of loving self?   Self-love is quite a vast subject and yet very simple at its core.  When we love ourselves we raise our vibration and consciousness, which is the most loving thing we can gift our selves and all of humanity.  As each of us learn to love ourselves all are affected.

“ Love is the way to realize our Divine Nature” Sathya Sai Baba

Looking at the word “SELFLOVE” I found myself seeing it as an acronym: SELF~LOVE = “Surrendering to the Eternal Light of Love you are.”  In other words living from truest essence soul-self and not ego separate self. 

To love yourself completely is to awaken to truth and be in reverence, acceptance of yourself on all levels; Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.  It is knowing who you are, being yourself at all times and choosing to live in your true authenticity without needing others approval and attention. It is the art of detaching from the fear based group mind and standing alone in your own truth.  It is the art of lifting yourself up and seeing the beauty you are when the habit of pulling yourself down arises to see yourself as less than or allowing others to pull you down. It is the art of making your life a sacred divine dance of love, peace and joy.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.
  ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

The 3 most important words to release at this time are: “MUST, Should and Have to.” They all insinuate doing something or being something that is not of our own choosing but something we believe if we do not do, there will be a lack and a loss of love from others.

Let’s just focus on the word MUST. If you add a Y it becomes MUSTY.  What has become MUSTY in your life that is no longer serving you that you perhaps continue in as a habit?  What has always been MUSTY and yet you were reluctant to let it go?  Many just stay with what is familiar even if it is not being loving to self.  When we use the word Must it is often when one thing or person is compared to another.  Remember “Must” is from ego and so what is not of heart calling is passé.

One of the most empowering and challenging ways to LOVE our selves is to learn to use the word NO and YES more often, however, in a different way than perhaps you have in the past.  It is the art of saying NO to others so you can say YES to yourself.  How often have you said yes to another and meant no, as well as the other way around?

“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving
of yourself and see what happens.”
– Louise L. Hay

How does this fit with the Self healing the self?

Well, the self is the part that lives in a very MUSTY life of fear and comparison.  THE SELF is the soul/heart based part of us that is here to teach the ego self there is nothing to be afraid of ever.  The self sees the perceived flaws the imperfections of the body, mind and soul as we have been conditions to look for in society as we navigate a perpetual road of comparison land. Whenever there is a comparison there is a separation and therefor a perceived lack.  The SELF sees the beauty, light, oneness and unity essence and perfection in the in-perfection as is knows we are whole and full for it compares not to others as it cannot in a state of Onenness.

“You will always live happy if you live with heart.” Yogi tea

Here are some ideas to support you in living a more sacred life of love.

Ask yourself these questions:

What if you were able to see yourself as the most magnificent sparkling star in the night sky with brilliant emanations?   How would that change your life?

What if you would see yourself as God/Creator?

How would you nourish yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and nutritionally?

How would you treat yourself and let others treat you?

How would you talk to yourself and allow others to talk to you?

What kind of feelings would you be feeling?

What kind of foods would you nourish your physical vessel with?

What kind of interactions would you participate in and which would you stay away from?

What kind of work environment would be in?

What kind of TV programing would you let go of?

Perhaps as we are now entering the season of Spring de-clutter on all levels.  Say YES to you, and say NO more often to that which does not bring you joy and feel loving.

On a physical level invite yourself to treat your body as the Divine magnificent temple and vehicle it is for your spirit and soul to have experiences through on this amazing planet.  Gift it foods that are full of life, oxygen from nature and lots of alkaline water and a couple of hours of fresh air and sunshine every day.  Treat yourself as the sovereign king and queen you are.  Gift yourself something that would make you feel good. loved, joyous and happy.

On an emotional level invite yourself to “Fall in love with yourself” or as a friend of mine, Alayna, says: “Rise into love.”  Empty yourself of non-loving emotions.  Let go of the past hurts and pains and sufferings.  Be present here now.  Being present is the best way to love your self.  Let yourself feel love at all times. Make a commitment to LOVE your self at ALL times.

On a mental level invite yourself to only choose loving self-talk and be in conversations that are loving, uplifting and inspirational.  Read inspirational books.  If you choose to use the TV watch only that which is loving and uplifting.  Say: “I love myself.  I accept myself.  I revere myself.  I bless myself.  Thank you.”

On a spiritual level, invite yourself to meditate and choose to be in the still communion with the Divine SELF and Creator/God. Keep your eyes peeled at the Divine at all times no matter what.  Bless yourself.  Breathe in Love.  Fill your being with LOVE.

Here is a prayer/meditation that came through me to share with you.  I trust it will help you feel more SELF-LOVING.

Sit in a quiet space. Say the prayer, in vision the energies follow the intent. Breathe in the light and feel the breath and love move through you as you.

Dearest Angels and Creator/God,

Please bless me this day with healing my heart of all non loving energies that I may be wholly
and holy filled with source light of 100% pure unconditional love. 

I let this healing lovelight overspill my heart and flood into every cell, part and particle of my
body and energy field. 

Let me connect once again to the Source of pure light that I AM. 

I feel it fill me as a fountain of liquid golden effervescent luminous light. 

It floods my being. 

I swim in the ocean of Oneness knowing.

 Awaken my heart to love one and ALL. 

Thank you.

Many Blessings and hugs of Love from me to you,

Maria Kramer

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