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Dr. Allen Lawrence

Allen Lawrence, M.A., M.D., Ph.D. is a physician, author, speaker and Minister in the Humanistic Church of Religious Science.  He has practiced medicine and healing for nearly 50 years.  Initially trained as an obstetrician and gynecologist, over time he transformed his practice from standard western allopathic medicine to a more holistic and integrative form of medicine, practicing Wellness, Prevention and Life Dynamic Training.  Dr. Lawrence uses Huna to underlie his healing work and also to live by and to make daily, meaningful life decisions.  He is currently the author of 6 published books with another 6 books currently waiting for publication in 2015.

Allen recognizes that the Universe we live in is Intelligent and that illness is, more often than not, an intelligent communication from our body-mind (low self) telling us that we have one or more unresolved conflicts which our body-mind wants, needs or must have resolved, in order for us to move forward in our life and to move up to the next highest level of our being.  We are both spirit and flesh and blood and this is no accident.  Huna suggests that this is not only an act of design, but also essential to the way our Intelligent Universe works.  We are Intelligent because we live in an Intelligent Universe.  We are not here merely by accident rather we and all life is essential as the Intelligent Universe we live in, God, calls upon us to learn, grow and evolve so that with each level we evolve, God also evolves.  We are essential to God’s evolution.  God created us and every other aspect of our Intelligent Universe in order to learn, grow and evolve and in doing so also evolve the Godhead.  We are essential to God’s plan.

Healing is a state of harmony and balance.  As we learn, grow and evolve, nothing is more important then finding our own personal harmony and balance as it promotes wellness, health and healing.  Ultimately, what we learn, how we grow and evolving creates and orders our Intelligent Universe and evolves us and all spirit as well as the Godhead.

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For more information regarding Huna using Huna to heal we refer you to Huna and the Future of Medicine: Integrating Huna and Western Medicine So They Work For You, published by Allco Publishing, 2014.  Fore information on Huna Prayers look for our series of three books on Huna prayer to be published by Allco Publishing.  in 2015 at

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