Co-Creative Healing

In October of 1997, at Spirit’s deafening (though inaudible) urging, we were drawn to a social luncheon (forty-two miles from our home), where we both just “happened” to pick up a brochure which read in part:

Celestial Soul Clearing”…“A Path to Enlightenment…”  (I had heard of Enlightenment before,
and It seemed like a good idea, so I read on…)  Experience a powerful healing through the
Seven Arch Angels and Ascended Masters…”

Later that afternoon, at the very the moment that we said yes to the brochure, and to its radiant author, Angelion, our Co-Creative journey through an ever-expanding reality began.   In short time, with our co-creative partners the Arch Angels, the Devas, the Great White Brotherhood, and our own Higher Selves, we learned first how to heal ourselves and then others.   Here we will share a few of the things we’ve learned along the way as Co-Creative Healers.

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