Crystal Wisdom VII

Skulls Aren’t Just for Halloween
Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart

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CarrieI have always been fascinated by the history and mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls.*  Where did they come from?  Who made them, and what are they doing here?  No one knows for sure.   

The legends and lore surrounding the skulls can be found in many cultures and traditions throughout the world.  Some believe they are connected to Atlantis, and even Lemuria.  Some believe they are not even from this world, or galaxy.  What I do know is that I really like them, and they make me feel good.

I recently attended a “Crystal Skull activation” group session.  There was a beautiful and powerful crystal grid set for us in the middle of the room with a large smoky quartz pillar surrounded by alternating smoky and clear quartz crystal skulls, and multiple smaller crystal skulls as well.  I could feel the energy as soon as I entered. (I’ll talk about grids in a future Harmonic Concordance Blog post.) 

I know some people shy away from them, believing that the symbol of a skull (as in images of the pirates’ “skull and crossbones” or “poor Yorick’s” skull) has to do with death, but I have never had such fears.  At age ten, I was performing funeral services for any dead bugs I could find, as well for any of my friend’s pets that passed.  To me, death is just part of the cycle of life.

I think that may be one reason that the skulls call to me.  They also remind me of my ancestors.  I am not alone in making this association.  In Mexico, for example, El Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated as a major holiday during which ancestors are recognized and honored.  A common symbol of this holiday is the skull, and skulls made of sugar can be given as gifts to both the living and the dead.    

Skull Energy

I have learned the skulls probably have nothing to do with death at all, and that in fact, they are here to help us on our journeys.

A skull’s energy comes from a lineage of crystal beings from EVERYWHERE!  Just like the stones from which they are created, they each carry their own unique vibration and gifts.   

I was told that, when the eyes are carved into one, the divine crystal consciousness comes into the skull.  Only then, are they ready to be of service, for our best and highest good. 

Each skull, no matter its size, carries the same amount of energy.  In this case, size doesn’t matter.  Some of the most powerful crystal skulls are the smallest.  Each one is an individual point of consciousness.   

A very noticeable energy emanates from the “Ancient Ones,” skulls that have been estimated to be older than 1500 years.  Most of these are very well known, but only a few still “travel” and can be viewed.  If you ever have a chance to be in the presence of one of these Ancient Ones, I highly recommend you do it.   

The oldest and most revered of these Ancient Ones is known as Max:

Max is considered by many, including the British Museum, to be one of the rarest
artifacts ever found.  Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old, MAX was used by
Mayan priests in Guatemala for healing and prayer.  The skull was given to Norbu
Chen, a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat Lamas…Many who have
been in the presence of these crystal skulls have had a range of experiences including
receiving instantaneous healing, information, visions of other worlds and the experience
of higher states of consciousness and expanded intuitive abilities. 

I have not yet “met” Max, but I was blessed to be in the room with other “younger” skulls that had been in his/its energy.   WOW!  And now my skulls too have been blessed with that energy, just by being with me.  They were so happy to come with me.  Now I know why! 

It was also shared that each one of them have names.  You just need to ask.  And I have also heard “the more the merrier.”  Of course, we need to be sure that all of our skulls share compatible energies, especially if we are asking for help with a particular intention.  Otherwise, Spirit receives a mixed message.   

They have come to be in service, to US.   So, let go of your fear and embrace the Energy and help of the Skulls.  Maybe it’s time for you to bring one home or, if you already have one, or one hundred, it might be a good idea to take them off the shelf and get to know them and what they can do for you.   

Mine won’t shut up now.  “THEY” are again telling me to remind YOU that they are individual points of CONSCIOUS LIGHT coming into OUR consciousness, at this time, to help us with vibration upgrades.  I LOVE IT!

Love, LIGHT, and Blessings from “The Stone Kingdom”

Rev. Carrie Laughing Heart


* See, for example, Thirteen Crystal Skulls:


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