Emil Toth

emiltothphotoEmil Toth is an author of inspirational, spiritual and dramatic novels and poetry.  During the past four decades, Emil has been actively creating, leading and participating in spiritual support groups, meditation and esoteric classes.  He has given talks and attended various yoga, healing, esoteric and writing workshops.  He has worked with Healing Touch, Pilgrimage Healing and Reiki healing modalities.  

In 2000 he co-founded Sacred Waters and was the spiritual director, facilitator and caretaker for a number of years.  Sacred Water is a spiritual center designed to provide people the opportunity to further their spiritual awareness and essence.  

Emil has penned a two book series on Forgiveness: Seven Souls on a Cross and Released from the Cross.  

He also has written a five book series on Love: Love’s Transformation, Love’s Sacrifice, Love’s Wisdom, Love’s Ancients and Love’s Courage (coming soon).

Visit Emil’s website at: http://www.emiltoth.com

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