The Ascended Life II

Enlightenment in Action

Johnny Mirehiel

Within you there is infinite light of real Knowledge (Gnan prakash), but the darkness prevails because of the layers of ignorance over the Self.  Aptanvai, (Deepakbhai Desai)

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Living The Ascended Life in our present lifetimes comes down to nothing more than doing all we can to consciously act as if we were on the “through line” to Ascension.  I borrow that term from one of my “Brothers by Another Mother,” Tim McCormack.   With credits on “Star Trek the Next Generation” among others and stints in local Rochester, NY theater, Tim had become rather well known there as an actor, director and teacher.  Some 20 years ago I traveled up to Rochester to see him in a 17th century costume farce in which he was starring.

I was staying with him and during the course of that long weekend we had a couple of conversations about the craft of acting for the stage as opposed to movies or TV.  One thing he told me that has stuck with me all these years is that the thing he concentrated on, as a stage actor, was for him to find his “through line.”  That meant that, in “getting into character,” he wanted to know the character and circumstances of the script so well that, having that through line, he would be able to get through a scene even if one or the other actors were to “go up” in their lines.  Having that through line in mind, he could then “fake it till he made it” through the scene.

The Basic Premise of Enlightenment in Action

Like Tim, I too have sought to find my through line.  I know the script, have learned how to navigate most of the shoals in one piece, a la Tim’s “through line,” and can even see through to how the story ends.  So I allow myself, in this ever present Moment of Now, to choose to don the costume of one who, to the best of his ability, lives by the principles of the Ascended Life I espouse.  Now I do not mean to trumpet myself as any kind of paragon of Enlightenment.  I just mean to say that I have chosen to work on my personal craft of living that Life, using Spirit as my guide through this final Act III of my life.   Making that choice is my ante-up in the game.

But this avowal is just the first chip into the pot, the first line in my God Within, self-directed play.  What I have done, in my own language and metaphors, is to re-invent the wheel.  There is nothing new in what I share here in the various components of the Journey I am on.  Jan, my wife, calls it metaphysics 102.  We passed 101 back aways in ’03 and ’04 and now we’re ready to take the finals for 103.  So yes, I have begged borrowed and stolen from the Giants upon whose shoulders I stand.  But then they too stood on the shoulders of their own Giants who inhabited civilizations that long ago vanished into dust, on distant planets among far flung galaxies strewn across the Universes.  But these ideas do represent what I believe to constitute a fair summary of what I expect to be doing on the rest of my Journey through this time, in this Here and Now.

In this play I must be willing to “see through” to the desired end of Ascension.  As I hold that vision firmly in mind whilst I travel through the circumstances of life, I am living that “Enlightenment in Action.”  And I do so despite how many times the characters and circumstances I face throw me a curve.

Curves Ahead

Navigating the Shoals or An Ascenders Guide to Life in the Spiritual Fast Lane

I’m not going to sugar-coat this.  Living according to the Ideals of the Ascended Life requires work.  It’s not something you can leave at the door or take a vacation from.  And it requires acting on that vision.  What I present below is only the advice that I try to practice on a daily basis.  Often I don’t live up to it myself, but do I suggest these ideas to you as a working template for what I know about this Ascended Life, drawn from many years of study, contemplation and work in the field.  I offer them in hopes that you will follow as much of it as you can.

The Principles of Effective Practice


You will see it once you believe it.” Dr. Wayne W Dyer
Here is your very first step.  Nothing is more important in this process than believing, and its corollary, an acceptance of your true relationship with Creation, the God Within.

Draw from Source and none else

Understand that you are the Source, resident in the God Within, and as such, you will manifest your most ardently sought reality for, after all, you are the Creator of all you purvey.   According to the Holographic Universe* theory, put forward by the eminent quantum physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, the Universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, in the human mind and in which every sentient being is but a fragment of the Unity Consciousness.  And it provides an explanation of why You and the Creator are ONE, and the only source from which you need to seek guidance.

Meditation upon the Desired End

Here one must develop some form of daily practice and pay “the coin of time.”  Suggestions for this include, but are not limited to, some form of daily practice of a non-judgmental self evaluation, from journaling, intoning a mantra – all the way to full-on meditation. Be willing to stretch the boundaries of your “comfort zone” and take a chance on doing something new.  But the key is to commit to doing something every day.  Remember that what you concentrate on you will draw to you.  If you obsess on the world and its trappings – things that aren’t working for you, or a neighbor’s cat loudly yowling in the middle of the night, or most  importantly any urge to pass judgment on another, for whatever reason – will come back on you in spades.  Use The Law of Attraction to project only the Love and Light images you wish to attain.

Intention is Everything!

This is the single most important element in manifesting what you want in your life.  This intention must also be consciously embedded into whatever image you wish to project into creation.  No matter what your goal, to attain riches, a new or better job, the person of your dreams, or even something as mundane as a parking space on a crowded avenue, project it with conscious intention and believe, know, that it will appear.

Another unrecognized factoid about intention is that it does not carry the same meaning as the often misapplied word, intent.  Intent refers to something one has in mind.  Intention, on the other hand, refers to, as Webster says, “The magnitude of force or energy per unit.”  In other words, intent implies thinking, while intention connotes doing and is a much more powerful word in real-time usage for our purposes here.  After all, Lynn McTaggert, a leader in the field, does call her work, The Intention Experiment.” 

Sky Hooks

Now here’s another clue for you all: once you’ve sent out your intention to the Universe, or put up what Jan and I call a “sky hook” for its later manifestation, and – let it go!  Trust that both The Universe and your own Subconscious engine of creativity.  No need to be loud about it either, or to constantly pound on their doors.  They’ve got very good hearing and retain all requests in their “in-boxes” until such a time when you are fully ready to receive it into your reality.   As soon as you release your request into the Light, in your mind’s eye, go to the other side of having attained your desired effect – and give your sincere Gratitude for having had your Intention come to you.  Again, act as if

No-Limit Results

Allow the Universe to grant you even more than you have asked for.  While you should certainly project a clear image of what you desire, be it an automobile, a job, recognition or the perfect (for you) mate, the Universe is so much bigger than we can really imagine and also has the capacity to help manifest an even grander “gift” than you might request.  Leave room for It to operate in your life.


…Love, Self Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude in every moment.  This is applicable in all situations, from a momentary flash of road rage to experiencing an instance of pure bliss.

Were you to slip up and curse that driver who cut you off in the fast lane, let that only serve as a reminder to “cancel, clear” your outrage and return to all of the above.  Consciously remember to give gratitude every day, as often as possible.  Be a font of Love every day and spill it out to everyone and everything you see or even think of, especially to those who you regard as “the enemy.”  There is never really any foe, as we are in the same Universe as each other and therefore are the same “shard of the Creator” as anyone else.

Self Help and Healing

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a hypnotherapist who told me that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis.  It works the same way with Healing, i.e., that all Healing is really Self-healing.  Remember, God Within is a healer too.

I don’t know if you’ve read my Blog post, A Personal Healing Story,” but in it I refer to several Healings I have had by people who I consider to be in the “World Class Healer” category.   The Healings have been very helpful, but in each instance, those healers have enjoined me to be aware of my own Healing abilities and to call them in for each session.  Although I have tremendous confidence in these and other Healers, I am sure that the co-creative process between me, them and our unseen Healing Guides has undoubtedly contributed greatly to the effectiveness of the Healings.

The Heart Mind

Science has found that the tissue the makes up our brains and our Hearts are one and the same.  In light of those findings, we can say that the Heart literally has a Mind of its own.  But rather than me paraphrasing what The Institute of HeartMath has to say about the interrelatedness of the Heart and Mind, I’ll simply ask you to have a look at a most informative diagram which they have housed on their site.  It is more elegant than any words of mine could be on the subject.

Here again. in all you do, be aware of the Heart space within, and know that It knows how to be the pump of your Love.  Then get your head out of the way and let It do Its job.  Let It pump Its attention in whatever direction It chooses.  It will know what to do.

In Lak’ech (I am another yourself)

If you are very lucky, you will have met and become engaged with a special partner who understands and supports you on your Spiritual Journey and one with whom you consciously and constantly invite Spirit’s in your partnership.  Call it a Triune Partnership.  (1+1+1=1)  In reality though, that special Partner is every single Being, for every One, present and unseen, “past and future,” in all the far flung worlds, in all Densities and in each Dimension.  Such a Partnership is what I have referred to as The Ascended Relationship.”

Perhaps another way of looking at that Mayan expression is to understand that, as the late Steve Ryals, author of Drunk with Wonder says in one of the best Spiritually oriented books I have ever read, “…there is only One of Us here, only One heart of which we are all infinitely precious sparks.”  This expression is also reflected in the Native American practice of honoringAll my Relations.” It is the core meaning in Jesus’ injunction, “Lift up a stone and you will find me there; split a piece of wood and I am there.”

Metaphors of Ascension

Finally, one of the ways that I have found to “get into character” of a conscious Ascender is to adapt myself to the visions of The Nine DirectionsIn short, those Directions, which are based on American Indian teachings, are metaphorical representations of the elements that I choose to see within me.  Call them aspects of my own God Within as given to me to see by my Higher Self, Mirehiel.   I would recommend consideration of them by anyone who sees him/her Self on the Spiritual Path to Ascension.


* See the late Michael Talbot’s groundbreaking work, The Holographic Universe, HarperPerennial, 1991.
A wake-up call to wonder, an adventure in ideas.” Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Space, Time & Medicine

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