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Field Medicine and White Crows
Jan Lundquist


Jan Lundquist

As a bit of a preface here, it is useful to know that homeopathy and chiropractics both got “done in” by the AMA back in the 1800s, when they were deemed to be unscientific medicine.  The story behind that is classic example of Unenlightened Self Interest at work, and worth a read.  Chiropractors have since won back their right to be recognized as medical professionals, but homeopathy and the entire field of energetic medicine, to which it belongs, is still scorned by rationalist reductionists.

So rabid are they on this topic that it is nigh impossible to have a public discussion of it anywhere on the internet.  Those who are convinced that Allopathic medicine is the only true healing modality, feel compelled to educate those of us who think that healing happens on many levels.

Their favorite put down is, “Ya know, if alternative medicine worked, it would be called medicine.Yuk-yuk.”  When I read that for the bazillionth time, delivered as smugly as it were original, intelligent, and witty, I find myself in dire need of Nux Vomica.

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy often called for by excessive puking.  While an allopathic doctor would attempt to stave this off with a prescription for anti-nausea pills, a homeopathic physician would see it as a signal of a higher level breakdown happening somewhere other than in my gut.

On the whole, our bodies are efficient beyond our imaginings in the way they are able to initiate and co-ordinate their complex dance of well-health processes.  Consider, if you will that we are exposed to thousands of germs and pathogens on a daily basis, yet we don’t “catch” every one of them, even in the face of the relentless load that genetics, environment, and stress place on our systems.  Normally, we deal with all of these conditions without noticeable thought or effort.

But what is “normal” for, say a Type A personality, may not be normal for other personality types.   Because of this (exquisitely designed) individuality, the homeopathic practitioner will walk the patient through a symptoms checklist that is both broad and detailed, even to the point of including non-physical foibles and phobias.

The selected remedy will always be a highly diluted substance chosen for its ability to work in a manner similar to vaccinations and allergy treatments, to strengthen a natural process that appears to be slipping or malfunctioning.  But it is the highly diluted part that the hard reductionists can’t get beyond.  How, they ask, can something so watered down (as in one part “stuff” to one million and more parts water) possibly incite a healing process?

The truthful answer is that we don’t yet know, but those of us who use homeopathic remedies as part of our wellness program can attest that they do.  (In the interest of skipping over the middle to get to the end, let’s just pretend that I have inserted the obligatory testimonial anecdotes here and move right along.)

Richard Gerber (the acknowledged “father of vibrational medicine”) has hypothesized that,

The molecular arrangement of the physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven
energy fields [emphasis mine].  The energetic network, which represents the physical/cellular
framework, is organized and nourished by “subtle” energetic systems which coordinate the
life-force within the body.  There is a hierarchy of subtle energetic systems that coordinate
electrophysiologic and hormonal function as well as cellular structure within the physical body.
It is primarily from these subtle levels that health and illness originate.” (Senses of the Soul:
Healing into Wholeness with Nature’s Vibrational Medicine, 2011)

The problem with these “subtle” energetic systems is that the “show-mes” are not yet satisfied that they exist.  However, Kirlian photographers, and those who use photon detectors, believe that they have seen evidence of them.  Additionally, Nobelist virologist and discoverer of the AIDS virus, Luc Montagnier, has shown that even when no single molecule of original DNA substance remains in an ultra-high dilution, a detectible electromagnetic (EM) signature remains imprinted upon the water.

It is quite possible, however, that the essential energy behind these displays exists neither in the light spectrum, nor in the EM spectrum.  In his groundbreaking 2013 study, “Use of a Torsion Pendulum Balance to Detect and Characterize What May Be a Human Bioenergy Field,” University of Maryland biochemist John Robert Hansen says:

After conducting control experiments to rule out effects of air currents and other artifacts,
it is concluded that the effects are exerted by some kind of force field….We know of no force,
such as one within the electromagnetic spectrum that can account for these results.”

As might be expected, a good portion of the established scientific community meets announcements such as these with resistance and outrage.  In the typical thesis/antithesis that forms around new frontiers, positions will be taken and email exchanges fly.  Whether the subject be biology, biochemistry, and brain behavior, or physics, psychology, and philosophy, the diehards will resist:

I’m afraid that the proposed abstract doesn’t come remotely close to persuading me that
there’s an important result here.  The context provided in the first two sentences is vague
blather and entirely inappropriate” (Thank you, Inna Vishick for this hilarious example of
academia at its finest.)

Let them battle, I say.  Just leave the rest of us free to manage our personal wellness according to our own understanding.   My understanding is that my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies (states) are as deserving of recognition and care as is my physical body, and the health of one or the other influences the health of the rest of them.   Whenever I manifest an “illness” in my physical body, I may chose to treat it allopathically at the lowest physical level where it is manifesting, or to work at one of the higher (non-physical) levels, or to use both approaches.   Esoterically speaking, we might say that when I work at the highest  level, I am working with my  etheric body, aka my etheric double.

The “ether” (or aether, which some use so as to distinguish it from the chemical family of the same name) is considered to be a medium that permeates all space.  Thus the etheric body is envisioned to exist in the spaces between our atoms, molecules and cells.  Those with the ability to see this body report that it lies at the inner layer of the visible aura.

The etheric body is thought to hold our individual blueprint or morphogenetic field, carrying the governing patterns of our personal life-forms.  Other functions assigned to this body include the transmission and reception of  Chi or prana, and the continual exchange of information with the larger field.

I do not know if these assertions about the existence and nature of the etheric body are true in the most literal sense, or whether they are only metaphors for something dimly understood.  To quote the famous 19th century philospher William James, “To upset the conclusion that all crows are black,” he said.  “There is no need to seek demonstration that no crow is black; it is sufficient to produce one white crow.”

What I do know is that those of us who use vibrational medicine have seen too many white crows to disregard them completely.



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