Grounding in the Now V

Allowing Perfection
Le’Vell Zimmerman


Le'Vell Zimmerman

There is nothing to “think about” or “figure out” when the miracle of your presence is consistently unfolding before you, “for you” to embrace.

Often when I stop to express that which is known within, there is an habitual tendency to look up into the right corner of my line of sight, where intuitively I can sense the mind attempting to conjure up a starting point for the outpouring of this information. Usually there are several expressions that arise, all in different directions around the matter I intend to express, which ultimately causes a sense of confusion where it’s necessary to digress. Ironically the focus of what I am expressing here is what allowed me the awareness to actually practice some of the ways in which clarity is embraced.

I often speak of Grounding, the acceptance and allowance of the consistent flow of mental activity that represents an “effort” to express infinite intelligence. It is, in truth, effortless in nature, as you are aligning with who you are as One with the fabric of all creation.  By no means does this definition express “Grounding” in its entirety, however it does represent what is necessary to allow the flow of loving communication from a space of balance.

By becoming more present in this now moment I could focus on the frequency of my essence, where this vibrational rate was acting as a silent form of communication that is being translated into sound vibrations in word form. There was no need or even a chance for me to ask myself if what I was writing was  right/wrong, good/bad, or from the mind or heart, only an open sense of confidence and sincerity that I could sense as being reflective of the knowing I express through this form of communication.

From a space of calm, I am able to clothe the energetic fluctuations within my vibrational frequency that allows me the ability to be of service to myself and others, through that which I enjoy naturally. See, it is not my intent or focus to “teach” other people, but to embrace a pure sense of self honesty and integrity as my foundation.  This allows me to express what is known within as a sense of unconditional love for myself for being serious about the peace that is the truth of all life throughout the Multiverse.

Amongst the many transmissions i have shared over the years, I have often referred to the practice of embracing more of an inward focus. Much of the mental dialogue I entertain while healing is about the actions of this physical incarnation being consciously experienced at present, while working from a collective consciousness. This focus is never from a place of judgement, but in reference to the conditions and nature of this path that is continually being created.

Allowing myself to scroll the Social Media News Feeds is often a source of much mental analysis, judgement, and frustration. This is not to say that I have never done so from a place of balance, but I find that seeing pictures of death, destruction, violence, and judgement are never helpful to the unfoldment of a more gentle reality along this path. It remains quite helpful for me with the intent of being of more service, to avoid this activity.  The practice of acceptance of my own nature is another aspect of grounding.

One could choose to allow the mind’s array of projections such a shame, resentment, anger, disgust, and judgement to elevate the sense of personal pride, but this only feeds more illusory realities based in separation. “I don’t like this….They shouldn’t be doing that….Oh my God, please forgive them…. They are crazy!” That’s but a small sample of the decrees that the mental identity enjoys delivering.

Evolution is about realizing “You” are God. With this comes with the responsibly of rising above  of judgement, condemnation, and projections of guilt, shame, or other distorted frequencies. When you are able to resist giving in to these temptations, you will know that your Love is truly “Unconditional”.

This state of being starts with accepting yourself as already worthy of the glory you are here to experience. The intent at the core of your existence in this dimension is to continue to create the paths that are necessary for such a reality to crystallize  You must release the mind’s attempts to control or to right the wrongs this limited sense of awareness holds onto. They are simply an expression of the minds fear that what you want to happen is not already taking place.

It doesn’t matter if you are conscious of that which is taking place throughout creation that is of direct benefit to you, it is still taking place. “Forcing” or “Rushing” a reality comes out of a sense of urgency based on the illusion of linear time.  Peace is the true nature of now. A focused presence within allows you to “accept” your perfection and to know that the illusion is just that.

You have the choice to to evolve at your own pace, which is based on the consistency of your focus, intent, and balanced creativity here on the New Earth. The Infinite aspects of creation expand at the pace most comfortable for each aspect/

Spiritual Maturity is in expressing Gratitude for this beautiful perfection, Now and Forever.

All is Well indeed.

Le’Vell Zimmerman
Commander, Angelic Realms
Galactic Federation of Light


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