Grounding in the Now IV

The New Now
Le’Vell Zimmerman


What is there to consider when your life is a miracle that flows like a river into a blissful, eternal ocean? 

Here and Now is for you to embrace in a space of Gratitude.  Take a moment to notice the birds, the colors of cars that drive by, the numbers displayed on license plates, and even the insects that move purposefully, barely within your line of sight.  The multitude of colors and images within your current frequency range of vision is on display, specifically for you as an expansion of your own love.  

All have a purpose beyond logical comprehension that is for the greatest Spiritual development of each and every aspect of the whole.  This development is conducted by the Infinite Intelligence within the core of your being – as the Creator.  Such a realization is only sensed through a focused level of Peace developed through releasing all that is outside of this Now Moment.   This is the nature of Grounding in the Now. 

Take a moment to stop and breathe…

Allow Calm.

Allow Peace.

Inside this space of inactivity resides the clarity of Infinity: all physical manifestations are crystallizations of an invisible intention that was given the energy necessary to develop into a reality.  Here, we can can sense that it is the “unseen” which is responsible for the “seen.”  

Unfortunately the majority of humanity operates from a superficial level dependent upon the byproducts of the Source rather than Source itself.   Just as a farmer nurtures the soil of a crop in pursuit of healthier fruit, the Spiritually oriented individual cultivates his or her garden of experience through an energetic awareness of inner stillness.  Beyond the linear illusion lies the eternity of this moment in which the frequency of peace provides infinite possibilities to create an embodiment of the Truth.

Now, and only now, is Love.  The outer dramas and distortions of physical illusion merely assist souls to develop the spiritual strength needed to return to the foundation of the Creation within.  This space of clarity in the heart center allows a neutralizing of “what was” for the creation of a whole new reality where it is all about “what is.”

Developing a more intuitive lifestyle is conducive to releasing the mind from the doubts and fears that radiate throughout this dimension, giving birth to distortions in one’s perceptions.  In embracing such a reality one is allowed to enjoy the zest that comes with experiencing the many possibilities of the Now Moment. 

Before is gone.  Now you are Here.  Freed from the restrictions and limitations of what was, you are able to embrace a new sovereignty over the expectations of limited analysis.  Now you become responsible for your own freedom and are open to being One with God.

Know Peace.

Know Truth.

All Love. 

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