Those familiar with the original Harmonic Concordance website may recall its catchphrase,

We are all on the Mission to Light: Love is the engine, Peace is the guide and Joy is our song.”

Here at the Concordance Blog, we believe that living a life infused with JOY is one of the major objectives of the Spiritual Life, also making it an ideal Theme for our Blog.

Joy and happiness are often understood to be the same thing, but, in fact, they’re very different. Happiness is an emotion that is aroused in us when we buy a new car or get a promotion at work.  It’s dependent on our circumstances occurring in accordance with our desires.  Joy, on the other hand, is an emotion that occurs within us when we develop an appreciation/thankfulness for the constants of life, such as nature, freedom, relationships with people, or through having faith in something larger than ourselves.

Owen K. Waters is The Harmonic Concordance Blog’s “Voice” for Joy.

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