Life Between Lives III

The Journey With No Agenda

Avis Attaway

Avis Attaway

Avis Attaway

Today I conducted a Life Between Lives® session with a woman who came in with no questions.  Generally I receive a list of anywhere from 5 to 30 questions that the LBL journeyer would like to have answers or feedback on from Spirit.  Very often these include the most fundamental issues, such as “What is my mission?” and “Am I living my purpose?”  Sometimes there are specific questions, such as “Why do I have this condition?” or “Is this particular pattern in my life a karmic pattern that has been repeated over many lifetimes?”

But today I encountered someone with no questions.  Just a burning desire to experience Spirit.  I had not guided anyone before who did not have an agenda, and it proved to be deeply rewarding for her … and for me.

The protocol for a Life Between Lives® involves a preceding past life regression.  This is scheduled on an earlier day and used as a means of assessment of the client’s hypnotize-ability; the compatibility between client and therapist; and as an opportunity for the therapist to determine the nuances that will provide for the best possible experience.  On the day of the LBL, a brief past life regression is preliminary to the entrance into the afterlife, using the death scene of that life to arrive at the Gateway by coming in through the “front door,” so to speak.

When she transitioned out of her past life it was with a certain degree of regret over lost opportunities.  She had lived a long life but she hadn’t had a full experience.  Her regret was that she had not spent her time wisely – attending to her relationships, especially her husband who had died over 30 years before.  She realized that she had placed work and striving ahead of connecting with loved ones, and when the end came she regretted that she had missed those moments of loving and sharing.

There was a long period of quiet after she left earth behind.  The Gateway was non-descript and she waited for many minutes before she became aware of what she was actually experiencing.  Purple light was all around her and pulsated in and out.  Then it subtly changed into a soft golden light felt by her to be her Guide.  He had made himself felt by her and gently reassured her that her regrets – her guilt – served no purpose.  Then suddenly she was overcome by emotion as she heard him say, “You are loved!”  Gratitude welled up in her and she cried for joy.

She was also shown three times when he had appeared or acted on her behalf during this lifetime.  Once was when she was miraculously saved in what would have been a fatal car accident, but which had actually resulted in no collision.

There were more words of encouragement and then she was told that there was nothing more for today.  She did not “need” to explore further; her journey into her Life Between Lives® had revealed all that she needed to know for now.  She sat quietly smiling as she rested in the grace and beauty of Spirit.  She wanted only to absorb the peace and tranquility of her experience a bit longer.

As an LBL facilitator, I was surprised by such a rapid closure.  On the rare occasions when a guide has literally blocked the journey, there have been reasons given that made sense to the individual; whether or not they have liked it, they have understood it.  My role is to support a successful journey to the best of my ability, but once an individual enters into the world of Spirit, I become more of a companion and an observer.  Spirit takes over.  There is nothing that I can do to convince otherwise, regardless of my skills and hypnotherapeutic maneuvers.  Needless to say, I pulled all the tricks out of my bag but to no avail.

But this was different.  This journey was successfully completed.  And this woman was deeply satisfied.  She expressed profound gratitude and exuded absolute joy as we discussed the session afterwards.

She felt that all of her insecurities around her spirituality were erased in those few minutes.  They were replaced by a sense of belonging and significance so profound that she felt her place in the universe.  This was what she had longed for and what could not be put into words or a question.  This was an affirmation of her existence and her rightful place in this life … the place that is exactly where she’s at.

My experience of her journey reconfirmed my trust in Spirit and my faith that we will always be met exactly where we’re at, for our highest healing purpose.  All of our doubts are revealed in our questions as we seek answers from Spirit – in prayer, meditation, LBL or whatever means by which we seek.  We are met right where we sit, with a response to that for which we seek answers.

In other words, we won’t be met with the peace of God if we’re only interested in getting our neighbor’s dog to shut up.  But if we ask for the peace of God, then amazingly, the dog becomes quiet.  Or maybe it’s that we no longer hear it.  The filter through which we view life determines the view.  If the filter is dirty, then the view will be dismal and blurry.  But if we clean the filter through self-inquiry and self-awareness, then we can see clearly all that God has created for us.

The LBL is a process for self-inquiry and leads to self-awareness … and Self-awareness.  Spirit is always loving and affirming and supports growth through learning.  There is no judgment by Spirit, only encouragement in the lessons.  The concerns of daily living can drain our life force and create obstacles to our experience of enlightenment.  There is no guilt or shame outside the human experience.   Spending several hours in an LBL in the loving presence of Spirit transforms even the most judgmental nature and resolves habits of guilt and shame.

When we seek the face of God, all these things shall be added unto us.

When we allow for the loving kindness of Spirit to heal our soul and to lift us up, then we are transformed into who we are meant to be.

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