Revealing the Mystery VII

Practical Magic
Isaac George
Practical Magic

Isaac George

I was going to write up a big deal blog all about the Full Moon in Capricorn last week, why it’s so important, what you can do with the energies, what it is you probably SHOULD be doing with the energies (oops, there’s that Saturn policeman again) and how it’s all gonna be amazing, etc.

Then, I got a grip and wondered…perhaps there’s more to Life than astrology, and portals, and timelines, and learning curves?   Hmmm…I do hope you’re as tired as I am of the incessant push, push, push that’s been happening now.

Granted, there’s absolutely so much going on all at the same time that it’s probably part of the reason tempers are frayed and we’re all exhausted from one thing happening after another.  There’s a shortage of sanity out there, and surely we’re all wondering whatever happened to that life of carefree ease that was promised to us at the beginning of the Age of Computing?  The Jetsons was an animated American television series that seemed to hold out a Utopian vision of what things would be like when we all had this free time that automation and the digital age would bring us.  Of course, it was just a story about suburban America jazzed up with a dash of the future.   But perhaps we all hoped it would really turn out that way.  Well, it didn’t, and it hasn’t.  But don’t lose heart and stop reading, not just yet.  I’ll get to the good stuff, really.

Stress defeats the purpose of Magic.

I’ll repeat that. Stress defeats magic.  When we relax, we can feel more magic.  When we relax…we can be magical.

I avoided reading all the various on-line posts from others about last week’s Full Moon, but the titles of some of them alone were enough to glean what the potentials are.  There’s was a wide panorama of views and possibilities floated out over social media and blogs. This is good, I thought.  However, I caught myself wondering if we’re making astrology into another belief system.

Indigenous humans lived by a different code…rather than a belief system.  They listened to their natural surroundings, to Nature’s signs and messages.  They observed and allowed themselves to be taught by the plants and the animals.  They followed the cycles and rhythms of their bodies and the dreams that came to them.  They lived magically.  Yes, there were dangers, hard times and tragic losses here and there.  But they were deeply in touch with themselves and the environment.  I feel we’ve lost that Magic, and replaced it, first with religion and then science.  However, I feel that, as a race, we are now yearning to return to the primordial state, but with a more fully developed, individuated “self.”  The ability to re-create this sense of tribal belonging, without warfare and drama, may be directly tied into our ability to reestablish our connection to those Magical ways.

We’re coming full circle I feel.  All of the astrological cycles since 2012 have had a quality of dismantling and dissolving things rather than about building on top of the previous civilization – in the same manner that we’ve seen in the past.  Our unconscious habits, represented by Karma, are being pushed out of our individual and collective unconscious so that we have to confront, deal with and heal them.  Our structures and institutions, based as they are on patriarchal and oppressive hierarchies, are shaking and swaying under multiple pressures.  Our acquired beliefs, whether religious, philosophical or secular, are coming under scrutiny.  Something seems to be going terribly wrong very, very rapidly.  To some it may feel like being in a car moving at high speed and suddenly discovering that the brakes aren’t working.

What can we possibly think, say or do to effectively utilize whatever is being offered to us by the potentials of that Full Moon?  There are so many planets and points involved in that chart – which created two major geometric forms, one a 7-pointed (Grand Septile) and the other a 12-pointed (a 12th
 Harmonic) that it would make non-astrological types go a bit batty trying to understand it, so I better not go there, I reckon.  Instead, I will recommend a much simpler and more Magically oriented process.

Get your head and your heart on the same page.  Breathe, dance, make love, or meditate.  In other words, RELAX!   Some way, somehow, stressing about what you want or what you need, isn’t going to cut it.  Get in touch with something bigger than you’ve allowed yourself to receive.  Ask for it…and in more than one way.

I’d also recommend that whatever it is you want to Co-create with the Cosmos, that you cultivate also a willingness to surrender it.  Call upon your connection to Spirit and together, your four eyes can visualize whatever your intention would be.  See who you would be.  FEEL it with your whole being. How it would feel if you had this or that situation, person or thing in your world?  Then, state that you are ready to receive that which is for your highest, best good, and for the greatest Good for All.  Write it out, daydream about it, but without obsession.  Think about it with the feeling you want, and this is important: just forget it.  Right.  You heard me.  Forget it.  Don’t keep going on about “it.”  That’s the old way, the micromanaging way.  The Universe can create, in any moment of Now, a better outcome than even you could hope for.  Trust It.  This is the way of Magic.

As we move more and more into fluidity, the wisdom of practical Magic will become more apparent.  It’s done in each moment rather than according to some blueprint or strategic plan.  That methodology may become more and more problematic in the future because the higher dimensional energies are not at all structured in any way we’ve become accustomed to.  Things won’t happen instantaneously all the time, but synchronicity and magic will eventually replace what we were brought up believing was the only way to survive in this world.  If we want to be moving from striving to thriving, we’ll need a whole new level of awareness and willingness to make the shift real.

Often I run into my negative talk scenario.  Most of us have had to deal with this at some point or another, the annoying “glass ceiling” of limiting beliefs or low self-worth that was drummed into us in childhood, or perhaps even inherited from our parental DNA.  However, we can’t afford to invest in that misplaced energy any longer.  The quickest way to heal it is to just love it – till it begins to melt.  Don’t look to assign blame or loop around in it and wonder “why?”  Just love it and get on with it, the best way you know how. There are myriad tools (like EFT) out there, but investigate and employ what works for you, not the other person.

Okay.  That’s it for The Magic Show for now.  No card tricks, disappearing bunnies or missing watches suddenly reappearing.  I sincerely pray and desire that all of us get through whatever we think of as the challenges of these times, and that we arrive into a new sense of community and of caring in the not too distant future.  May we just do our very best, in our own ways, and support each other with Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy.

Blessings and huge LOVE,

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