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Fighting the Politics of Fear with a Revolution of Hope
Bettye Cates

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Can you hear the fear rising?  The loud voices vying for attention in a crowded house of American political candidates are hoping to get a word in edgewise, to make an impression, to sell their stories.  It is once again becoming imperative for the great political machine to ramp up the noise, and create an urgent belief in the minds of potential voters that the world is currently headed down a dead end street to certain disaster and only they have the right plan to lead us to salvation.

Some claim that America is going to Hell, and can be saved only by superimposing their brand of religious tradition over the laws of our country, with significant prejudice against Americans who only ask to be free to live according to their own beliefs, traditions, and ultimately, conscience.   “Freedom” is their battle cry, as they demand that others relinquish deeply held personal freedoms to conform to their agenda and accommodate their so easily offended sensibilities.

The Judeo/Christian/Muslim traditions have manipulated the minds of their followers for centuries in the quest and maintenance of power by preaching a similar Doomsday/Armageddon fear doctrine as if it were the only prophesy the ancients ever saw, which it wasn’t.  By fanning the flames of fear of the future, both politicians and organized religions have pushed humanity into wars and bondage over theoretical issues with which their subjects may or not agree.

The problem is, the more people buy into their doctrine of fear, the greater the negative vibration that gets seeded into the collective consciousness where it manifests into the common reality that we share in this physical realm.   The Spiritual Masters have told us to be mindful of our thoughts, because thoughts that become words become things.  Words have great power to either create or destroy.   We must be aware of the words and thoughts we allow our brains to entertain.

Throughout history, and again now, many similar voices have prophesied how bad things were bound to get if they didn’t get their way.  While the entire global economic and political weather is still precarious at best, things could get worse.

Had Americans continued on that same political train wreck we were on 8 years ago, we could now be watching our society and economy come apart at the seams, as has happened to Greece since they chose the hard line austerity route to total collapse.  Today their country is bankrupt, 25% of their citizens can’t find jobs and they are struggling to absorb one of the largest mass refugee migrations to their shores in history.

Amongst all the noise and chest thumping in the last two Presidential elections, a majority of Americans saw through the bluster and ultimately voted for a change of course.  Many conscientious Americans began to open their minds, ears and hearts to the truth, and reached out for change with renewed hope.  Granted, we have had to struggle against strong resistance as we, the people, began to take over the reins of our power and out vote the big money backed special interest groups.

Look back at where we were eight years ago and how far we have come.  We must appreciate the blessings the Universe has showered upon our country.  Americans, and perhaps the world by extension, have united to build our collective power to stand strong in the face of massive injustice and persecution, both on our soil and abroad.  Remember the absolute disbelief of certain TV talking heads when their predicted landslide to the Presidency was snatched out from under them by a public that voted, with a passion and a purpose?

Humanity has always been enslaved by powerful institutions since time began, but we are discovering at last that their only power over us is that which we give them with our collective consent or apathy.  People have struggled long enough, and after building new foundations for our lives and finances, we have begun to dream again.

The housing market is soaring in areas that were hard hit by the recession.  Gas is nearly half the price it was when they claimed it would double if we didn’t sacrifice the safety of our environment to expand the oil industry’s profits.  The resulting relief on the average American’s budget has inspired a decided uptick in our country’s economic fortunes.   The money saved is allowing consumers to actually travel for vacations again, pay off debt, and not have to save every penny for absolute necessities.

The unemployment rate is roughly half what it was eight years ago.  While many had to swallow their pride and accept jobs paying far less than they would have liked, something is better than nothing, and something with insurance is a bonus.  Hang a commission carrot at the end of that stick, and self-motivated people make the best of a bad situation.

Those who did their homework, polished up their image, and stepped out into the competition have mostly found something tolerable by now, even if it meant changing careers, learning new skills, and working their way up from the bottom, again. Today’s fast changing society requires many of us to do so four or five times over the course of our multifaceted career paths.

Don’t buy into the fear that politicians are whipping up about how bad our economy and future prospects are and don’t vote them and their self-serving cronies back into power!   The definition of insanity is repeating something that didn’t work before, expecting different results.  What sense does it make to give back the tiller to the same factions that nearly ran the “Good Ship America,” and the rest of the world with it, onto the rocks during the last decade?

On October 20th, 2015, as I was writing this post, the breaking story on the evening news was about Canada’s new Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, the 43 year old son of legendary PM Pierre Trudeau, who swept into power with a message of optimism, saying Canada can beat fear with hope, and promising to tackle climate change, boost the economy, and legalize marijuana.  Legalizing marijuana, and encouraging hemp production for paper, textile, oil, building materials, and so much more, would go a long way towards achieving both of the other two goals.  I sincerely hope that this is a foreshadowing of what America, and many other countries, will do in next year.

It is time for socially conscious citizens of the World to shake off the fear and complacency that has kept us stuck in bondage for so long.  We have to remember that we are co-creating this mass hallucination together, and we are individually responsible for the strands we weave into the web of humanity.  We all have a spark of God within, and our challenge in this life is to embrace our own Divine Power to manifest the greatest life we can possibly imagine.  No one can do it all alone.  With so many voices calling us to be fearful, we must stand strong in our collective belief that life is evolving exactly as it should.  We stand on the precipice of a major Spiritual and societal breakthrough.  It is up to us to create it together.  We have the power to overcome those loud, fear inducing voices with peace, truth, and love for one another.

Let us collectively adopt an attitude of radical hope, and drown out those loud voices preaching fear!



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