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The Eagle and the Condor Reunite

Bettye Cates

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The end of the grand cycle of the Mayan calendar, on December 21st, 2012, is nearly four years in our rear view.  We can now look back, at what has shifted, and forward towards new the vistas that are arising.  Some in the media that covered it tried to instill in us the expectation that the end of the Mayan Calendar had predicted Armageddon. However, to the ancient Maya and their modern day Aztec descendants, it actually meant that it would herald the end of the world, “AS WE KNOW IT.”

Humanity had a great decision to make at that time: whether to continue the un-ending war and destruction of the planet, leading to our own ultimate extinction, or to set an unprecedented new course for human spiritual evolution, with an opportunity to reach a whole new way of living on the Earth.  2012 marked a shifting of the giant cosmic pendulum from a masculine dominated society to a softer, more feminine focus. 

Recent events now seem to be fulfilling another ancient Mayan Prophecy, that of the Eagle and the Condor. The Eagle signifies people ruled by the mind, science, technology, and Industrialization. These people expressed more masculine, aggressive energies, and historically came to represent the people of both Europe and North America.  The Condor represented the more feminine energy of the Indigenous Native People, specifically Latin Americans, who lived a more intuitive, mystical, heart centered existence, never losing their connection to the land and the natural cycles of life, the way the Eagle people had done.

Legend has it that the Eagle and the Condor once flew together in harmony, but then went their separate ways. The prophecy foretold that when they would come back together, the Eagle would drive the Indigenous Condor people nearly to extinction. However, the prophecy also foresaw the possibility of a coming global rebalancing of society with restoration of peace and harmony that would arrive in a new 500 year “Pachakuti” cycle that would begin in the 1990s.  It was marked as a time when the Eagle and the Condor would once again fly, in one sky, dance together in one arbor, and create a whole new level of consciousness by the blending of intellect and intuition, strength and compassion, technology and the wisdom of Mother Earth.

The first part of this prophecy was fulfilled with the arrival of Columbus and other Europeans in the 1490s, when they brought 500 years of death, slavery, and poverty to the Indigenous peoples of both North and South America. Out of over 60 million estimated Natives in the Americas at the time of the European occupation, only about 800,000 were left by the end of the Second World War.

Currently, Native Americans from over 200 tribes in the US have, for several months, been joined by Indigenous peoples from  Hawaii, Canada, and other countries to protest the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline that is being built across the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. This much protested pipeline is slated to carry toxic crude oil under the Missouri River threatening the quality of drinking water for 23 tribes and over 17 million people is its process. Official reports claim the protestors are trespassing on private land belonging to the oil company. Those corporate interests purchased the land rights through the Army Corps of Engineers yet the native tribes, to whom the land was ceded in the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1851, never agreed to sell, nor were they even consulted about the treaty-braking, and thus illegitimate agreement.

Hundreds of unarmed “Water protectors” have been arrested and brutalized in the name of corporate profits! Follow the money. President Obama recently signed a cease and desist order to stop construction which is being blatantly ignored by local conservative sanctioned riot police and private, profit motivated militia.

At first, thugs for hire were enforcing these illegally acquired “rights” by siccing attack dogs on unarmed peaceful protestors. Now there are over 300 law enforcement officers from at least 5 states with ATVs, armored vehicles and helicopters, using tear gas, shotguns, noise cannons, and tasers against innocent people they’ve dragged out of Sweat Lodges, thrown in the dirt, beaten with batons, strip searched, and tossed naked in jail. Bones have been broken, sacred staffs and pipes stolen, and ancestral graves intentionally desecrated by bulldozers before archaeologists could be summoned to interfere. When will this travesty against our Native American people stop? 

Last week, I watched a video on Facebook showing Latin American Aztec Natives (descendants of the ancient Maya) coming into the Standing Rock Camp in full ceremonial regalia to join the prayer for protection of Mother Earth and her sacred living waters. The Condor people have arrived in the lands of the Eagle to usher in a new way of human existence. The ancient prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is being fulfilled before our very eyes, in our own time!

Indigenous peoples are leading the fight to preserve the future survivability of the planet for all of us. The Standing Rock Reservation protest is only the most recent of many struggles to keep dirty and dangerous oil pipelines and fracking practices from poisoning the rivers and lands that we humans depend on to survive.

The First Peoples of Canada have been unsuccessfully trying to stop the Tar Sands pipeline for years as thousands of acres of pristine wilderness have been reduced to toxic wastelands by multiple leaks. The Seminole Indians in Florida are carrying on a duel battle against another pipeline being built through their lands, as well as the ongoing poisoning of the Everglades by “Big Sugar” corporations.

When the rivers, lakes, swamps, and beaches in south Florida all ran green last summer with toxic algae blooms, Governor, Rick Scott’s response was not to enact legislation to protect the lands, but to INCREASE THE LEVEL OF TOXIC CHEMICAL WASTE ALLOWED TO BE DUMPED! This total disregard for the environment and human life is the Conservative way of doing business, and it is time for conscientious Republicans to own that.

Water is sacred to the native peoples, and should be treated as such by all. Efforts by companies such as Nestle to privatize the water resources they are stealing from the people only to sell back to them in bottles are a crime against humanity. They are draining our aquifers for a profit at a time when natural gas fracking and leaking coal ash ponds are polluting drinking wells with deadly, cancer causing chemicals. The people get sicker while corporations grow richer.

While many spiritually enlightened people ignore politics as too negative and draining to disturb their energy with, never has there been a more coherent tie between the political party platforms, and the critical Spiritual choices humanity is now facing.

Sadly, too many people are staunch single issue voters. They are against abortion, or they are afraid that Mexicans are taking their jobs, and that all Muslims must be terrorists. A far more important single issue to the future of ALL LIFE on the planet is how well we protect and preserve our natural environment for the use of our descendants. Instead of ever increasing exploitation of natural resources, we need to begin conscious stewardship that will reinforce SUSTAINABLE cycles of growth, harvest, and regrowth that have been the way of nature for eternity.

If our elected officials refuse to stand up for the best interests of the public, then it is time for we, the public, to stand up for ourselves, and get rid of those crooked politicians. With a historic presidential election coming up in barely a week, Americans need to think hard about what is really important to their lives, and whether or not the political party that has their loyalty is really working for them, or for their corporate campaign contributions.

Neither of the presidential choices left standing is ideal, so it really comes down to what kind of world we want to live in, and how closely does the Party Platform meet that vision. On one hand, we have an ideology of fear and exclusionism, exploitation of people and natural resources, and unfettered gun ownership endangering the public in their homes and their neighborhoods. The alternative seeks to negotiate peaceful solutions to problems in our country and abroad, common sense regulations on gun permits, and most importantly, protection of the land and waters for use by future generations of Americans.

This socio-political shift is gaining critical momentum again in an election year when Americans are being asked to examine their hopes for the future of life in our country, and vote accordingly. Does the American collective choose to revert to the fearful, aggressive, selfish ways of our misguided ancestors, or have we evolved to a higher level of consciousness where we can recognize the common spirit that binds us all together as the Family of humanity? We have the power to change the world for the better or worse.

We find ourselves at another crossroads where humanity must again make a choice to evolve, or resign ourselves to die an ugly death, not just as individuals, but also as a civilization. Each of us on the planet chose to come into the physical body at this specific time to be a part of this unprecedented shift in consciousness. While only US Citizens can actually vote in this important election, the results will eventually affect the entire world.

The Harmonic Concordance taught us that it is the unified field that shapes our destiny. Since we are all powerful Creator Beings, manifesting the future together, Spirit is calling Its world wide Community, joined in unity consciousness, to sharpen our visualization techniques, roll out our prayer mats, meditate on a wave of love, peace, and Divine blessings, for environmental protection and empowerment of the people. Feel the joy of the future you want to experience, and hold confidence that the upcoming election will result in the highest and best good for all of humanity.

Whether or not you vote your conscience, or simply meditate on a peaceful and positive result of the American elections coming up next week, I ask you to remember the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor and stand as a part of the raising of the collective consciousness to manifest a future of total global cooperation and abundance for all.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We are all related.

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