The Nature of Earth

John & Lyn St Clair-Thomas


John & Lyn St Clair-Thomas

The element Earth is the densest of the four elements.  It has the ability to take on and maintain form.  It is stable in nature, bringing order and structure to the creative impulses that are emanated from Soul.

Archetypes exist within the realm of Soul and are broadcast constantly throughout Creation by the angels.  A lower version of the archetypes exist hidden deep within our planet, Earth.  They also exist at a microcosmic level within every particle of matter.  The enduring nature of the Earth element allows the archetypes to be held in readiness within matter in a stable and accessible form.  Within them are the patterns for every possible manifestation: for the chemical elements of matter, the mineral world and the interactions that result in plant, animal and human life-forms.  In them also are the plans for every possibility that could ever occur in Creation, including physical and spiritual evolution.

The pathway to complete consciousness of Soul and Spirit exists within every particle of matter.  The angels pass down the impulses of the perfect archetypes from Soul and these stimulate and awaken the lower version held within matter.  In time, as the Earth evolves spiritually, the archetypes within matter will perfectly match the original impulses from Soul and they will become One.

At the physical level, the archetypes are activated into life by the interaction of all four elements; however the Earth nature of the archetypes is primarily activated by water, which is the closest element to earth in terms of density.

Earth Spirits

There are more types of Nature Spirits associated with earth than with any of the other elements.  These extraordinary spirits exist in an enormous variety of sizes from enchanting tiny beings no bigger than a spark of light to great and magnificent mountain Devas.  They work with every aspect of solid matter.  They are connected with the mineral world, with substances and structures deep within the Earth, with landscape features on the surface of the Earth, with plants of all types and with the cycles of the seasons.

Nature Spirits of the Earth work mainly with two processes, contraction and expansion.  Some earth spirits are dedicated to only one of these processes while others work to harmonise the two.  Contractive activities allow forces to be drawn together in a variety of ways while expansive activities allow differentiation, evolution and growth.  The interaction of these two forces creates the foundation for all physical forms.

The smaller Nature Spirits of Earth are often known as the “little folk,” who are familiar to us from legend and fairy tales.  These are the faeries, elves and gnomes who are an essential part of the Earth’s function and who work on or close to the surface of the Earth.

There are so many different types of Nature Spirits of Earth that a small encyclopedia would be needed to describe them all.  Only a very small selection is described in these notes to give an idea of their diversity and functions.

Minerals, Rocks and Underground Structures

Specialised types of Nature Spirits work deep within the earth.  Their purpose is to bring life and shape to the etheric of the subterranean world in preparation for its eventual emergence into the light of the surface world.  Many of the processes of this area are very dense and crushing with powerful shaping forces at work.  There are more spirits working with the contractive forces within the Earth than with those of expansion.  Most of the underground Nature Spirits are made from etheric substance and work with the Earth’s etheric field.

At the deepest levels are found great, dark, almost formless etheric creatures.  They can be seen in various sizes from the size of a small house down to that of a dolphin.  Their shapes and movements are whale-like, as they seem to roll and swim through their underground environment.  Although most of their movements are slow and deliberate, from time to time they surge suddenly upward or dive down.  They do not have eyes and are mostly unaware of their surroundings.  They move from some kind of inner awareness of the moving streams within the Earth’s etheric.  They are nourished by these forces and in turn shape and vitalise them through their movements.

Deep within the crust of the earth can also be found groups of gnome-like, embryonic creatures in various stages of development.  Some are quite small, while others are the size of a ten year old child.  Some are unformed with their features almost indistinguishable, while others show more detail.  They are very ancient and are quite still, as if waiting.  They are unaware of their surroundings.  In the distant future, by the time the surrounding rock has moved closer to the surface of the Earth, these creatures will be fully formed and awaken to the outside world.  In the meantime, their presence brings a certain type of life to the Earth, even though they are not recognisably active.

Closer to the surface of the Earth can be found small earth spirits whose appearance can at times be human-like but many of these seem only partially formed, with a head, shoulders and arms fading away to nothing below.  These gnomes are formed from etheric material and wield etheric energy of a masculine nature, gathering it from the surrounding ethers.  They exert their powers of will to compress it and emit it in sudden and vigorous pulses, pounding the surrounding rocks with it to concentrate and vitalise their energy.  A higher form of these gnomes exists in a more fully developed state.  Their shape is fully human-like.  They are found in caves, cavities and cracks within the Earth.  They are made from astral as well as etheric substance and draw certain astral forces to them to assist and vitalise their shaping work in the etheric realm.  Observation of these creatures has inspired stories of gnomes or elves as miners.

A variety of earth spirits are found associated with every type of rock.  Gnomes of various kinds are associated with crystals and gems within the Earth.  Deposits of metals have their own types of earth spirits with precious metals having the most evolved spirits of all.


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