The Ascended Life


Living The Ascended Life requires adherence to  some basic and but eternal principles.  We must acknowledge that, in the first place, Ascension happens within, that each individual has a right to that Self-directed practice and that, united as One, we achieve it.  

The raw materials for its attainment are already here.  After all, it is part of our “birthright” as immortal beings living in the Oceans of Eternity.  Ultimately, as we acknowledge ourselves as individuated sparks of Creation, we are empowered as “Agents” of that Creation, whenever we realize, accept and, do our best to act like it.  In other words, we can “Be There Now!

In this series of essays, Johnny Mirehiel will present some of his thoughts on how we can live, “as if” we were centered in that Ascended Life – Now.

Posts under this Theme:

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