The Nine Directions VII


The Seventh Direction: Father Sun

“Divine Light embraces humanity with all its imperfections and tries to illumine human ignorance
so that human life can be elevated into 
the divine life.” 
 ~ Sri Chinmoy


Qualities, Aspects and Traditions

Over the ages Father Sun has been worshiped and held sacred in many guises:

Egyptians called him Ra 
To the Greeks He was Helios
The Romans, borrowing from the Greeks, called Him Apollo
Baldur or Odin were His Norse appellations
Ancient Irish traditions referred to Him as Dagda
Persian culture called Him Mithras 
In the Anglo-Celtic mythos He was the Oak or Holly King, and of course,
Native Americans called Him, perhaps most directly, Father Sun.

The sacred symbolism of a perfect Circle with the (root) point in the center was universal.


To the Plains Indians, for example, the Sun was regarded as a mighty power, though not the mightiest; he was the first and greatest of the intermediaries who brought the power of Creator down to earth, but not the actual Creator itself, whom they called “Great Mystery.”



They recognized that without Father Sun’s light and energy, showered upon Mother Earth in so many mysterious ways, that She could not give birth to all her children.  She would be barren.

So it is that, in one guise or another and throughout all traditions, Father Sun came to symbolize:
The Source of DIVINE LIGHT
The Procreative Energy of LOVE
The Projection of INTENT
Limitless Creative POWER
The Archetype of the HERO who, like the Sun, always rises and, 
The SOURCE of all “local” MATTER, for we are all the stuff of stars.”
His Color is DEEP SKY BLUE which honors the sky home of Father Sun and represents the hottest Blue color of the flame which burns out all impurities.  The Part of the Plant which is ascribed to Him is the SEED – from which all must grow and its Plant Totemquite naturally, is the SUNFLOWER.

His Element, of course, is FIRE but, unlike the Fire of the East, His is the eternal Flame of Spirit that burns within. The Spirit Guides that he has been associated with are the HIGHER SELF, OUR ELDER BROTHER and the INNER SUN. His Minerals are CARNELIAN and the OPEN GEODE and His Lessons are those of ACTION, POSITIVE ENERGY and an understanding of the MASCULINE PRINCIPLE.

For those used to the native traditions of eight Directions, should you like to imagine the “Extra-Terrestrials” as occupying “physical” spaces around the Medicine Wheel, then the appropriate compass point for Father Sun is the Northwest.

As with the preceding Directions, you may claim the attributes and powers of Father Sun as elements of the whole of the Medicine Wheel that YOU are.

So these are some of the attributes of Father Sun, and as you know that YOU are the Wheel, so too do you know that they are elements within YOU.  Embrace them in your heart also, feel them within, and say:


Then, step aside and allow the sheer force of you own Spiritual Gravity to bring it into you,
from without and within.


PS  For a rather longish but thorough discussion of the historicity of Father/Brother Sun, please s
ee this informative reprint from the Theosophical University Press.  

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