The Self-Healing Self V

The Presents of The Present
Maria Kramer

Maria Kramer

As we have entered into the month of December we are gifted with very special opportunities to be present and be a present for others by gifting them our true Presence.  Many are very busy with doing and feel a lot of stress this time of year.  Yet we are in the last weaning of the cycle of this year as it is coming to a close and so the days are shorter and nights longer.  It is a season for slowing down and rest.  Many decorate and put lights in the windows to illuminate the Darkness.  It is a beautiful outward expression of the inner light presence shining through the window of our souls.  Contemplating the true gifts of this season, the giving and receiving that is available on so many levels, is quite profound.

Holidays are indeed gifts that invite us to take a respite from doing and attachments to the external world and enter into deeper communion and connectivity with the Divine internally.  Physical gifts often brings us happiness for a while, although they cannot gift us eternal, unwavering inner Joy.  This is the gift of living in the present moment with one another.  

“In truth, there is no life outside of the present moment.  Sooner or later, we must all
come to terms with this simple fact.” 
Leonard Jacobson

Interesting, for that means whenever we are not fully present in each moment, we are the walking dead, so to speak.  Being fully present means being here now without thought, opinion, agenda or comment.  The present moment is True peace, Joy and unconditional love.

 The questions before you this season are:

How can I be more present here now and offer as Presence and the ultimate present this year
to yourself and to others?

What would that look like?

What might you do differently?

What fears and concerns about what others might think of you would you have to let go of? 

How can you make every moment sacred and precious by being more present?  Even going
to the bathroom or washing the dishes or driving in traffic can be done in presence.

The Self heals the self by an invitation to join both selves in the present moment. It is in that joining, that fear, anxiety and all pain of the past dissolves in an instant, even if it is only for that instant.  But then put together one other instance of that union, then another instant and another until it becomes a way of life.  It is the only true life there is.  By choosing to be present we shift our consciousness to a higher vibration, changing everything, and everyone, in our own Unified Presence.

To BE the Love

To BE the light of the season and light others’ lights we must find our own Light and keep our eyes on the Divine at all times – no matter what is happening around us.  It is so easy for the little self to make choices or continue traditions just because they have become habits, even though they might not have same meaning any longer.  If you want awaken or feel the peace, joy and love of the Authentic Divine Self in Oneness with Source, you must claim and choose to enter into living in the present more and more as you let go of all self-detractions.  We celebrate the Buddha, The Virgin Mary, The Christ, whose greatest gift was their Presence because they embodied their Divine Self Presence in all moments.  In the Present there is no future and no past, only the now.  Living It is pure bliss.

A present for you: the Avesa Breath

The word Avesa is Sanskrit, in its purest sense, means “Divine Empowerment.”  “Ave” means “Hail,” as in reverence like in the Ave Maria.  “Sa” means the Impersonal Infinite and in it is the recognition of the Divine Presence.

I invite you to place your hand on your heart for a moment and close your eyes.  Take a deep Ave Breath breath in through your nose.   Become fully present in your heart with your breathing body.  Imagine a golden flame arising within your heart. Feel this energy ignite and expand to fill your whole body.  Now, on the exhale, breath out the sound Sa through your mouth.  Feel your Heart open to the Universe and the fullness, calm and  peace of the  present moment.

When we place our hands on our hearts, we instantly connect to the precious present moment.  We connect ourselves to the true Self and the body is comforted.  Practice will bring your Being-ness to a Peace.   

Allowing this moment to Be Present

Here is a prayer I wrote you might enjoy.

Dear Holy Sprit, Angels and Source of all that is

My prayer for all this Holy Season is this:

That we may all feel Your loving Presence within us and all around us.

That we may this season of remembering the birth of Christ, the Enlightenment of Buddha,
the conception of Mary, not just as a miracle of the past, but as an opportunity for all mankind
to give birth to the Christ Consciousness, the pure and Compassionate hearts within themselves –
in the Present.

That we may bring forth the Holy Spirit of love, kindness and the illuminated I AM Presence
from every heart, today. 

Thank you, and so it is!

Blessings and infinite hugs of love

May you always know how loved you are and that you are never alone.

Maria Kramer 12/7/15


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