David Armstrong


David Armstrong

David Armstrong has been gifted with the ability to clearly hear and channel messages from his spirit guides since childhood. He is also a talented musician, author, actor, and professional speaker.

When he was just seventeen years old, in his first year in college, he experienced an extended brush with the afterlife during which he found himself leaving his body and going into another dimension. There he encountered his main Spirit Guide who helped him understand that his mission was not complete and he needed to return to the Physical Realm. There he also saw Jesus, who answered many questions about his experience and what the Universe was comprised of. After this experience, David noticed his healing and communication abilities with his guides were amplified.

Even though David had given thousands of healings and readings to others, he kept quiet about what his guides taught him until he felt that society was ready and open minded enough to listen.

Now, under the direction of his guides, he has written a book titled, Messages from the Spirit World, and  is  talking to audiences around the country.  In the book he shares never before heard knowledge about the structure of the universe, the functions of our soul and spirit, the structure of our mind, and how to connect to guides and angels. One of the most important parts of his message is how the Universe provides for you when you are aligned with your Spirit’s directives, rather than the directives of others.

In his lectures, David shares how he communicates with the spirit world and how easily things can fall into perfect place, if you are willing to follow the suggestions of your “spiritual allies.”

David presents a strong message on how the Universe provides for you when you are aligned with your Spirit’s directives, rather than the directives of others. He, himself, has been more diligent about following the suggestions of his “spiritual allies” over the past ten years.  As a result, the rewards on a spiritual and financial level have been simply amazing.  He proclaims, “I tried it my way for many years and it seemed nothing was working.  Then I tried it their way and everything just fell into place automatically.”

He enjoys sharing the love and information of the Spirit World with others. He and his wife, Meg Edmonson, travel extensively throughout the United States and have continued to expand their journeys to foreign countries.  They live in Nevada and Minnesota.  He invites you to visit his Facebook page at Messages from the Spirit World.

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