Robbie & Bill Spransy

Robbie & Bill

In October of 1997, Robbie and Bill Spransy experienced paradigm-shifting Celestial Soul Clearings which led them to the understanding that their soul’s purpose (as is everyone’s) is to simply “Love All and Serve All.”

In 2001, on a knowing beyond sheer faith, they moved from their beloved North Carolina to the high Mojave Desert town of Joshua Tree, CA.  Upon being asked “What do you do?” by a new friend, Rob answered “I AM a Healer.”  With her intention aligning with her soul’s purpose, Rob began performing her unique Co-Creative hand’s on healing work.  Bill’s role in the healing work is that of  a “silent choir,” silently singing God’s names in prayerful support.  The rest of their time is spent exploring the depths of co-creative living.  They invite you to visit their website.

You can find Robbie and Bills posts under the Blog Theme Co-Creative Healing:

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