Spirit at the Crossings VIII

The 2016 Autumnal Equinox
Johnny Mirehiel
(with a little help from my friends)

autumnal equinoxImage credit: soundcenterarts.com

Astrologers study the charts of the four “Crossings” to catch a glimpse of what the astrological portents for the seasons suggest.  I have chosen to locate Planet’s (birth) chart for this Autumnal Equinox at Greenwich, UK, since it is the location of the first moment of the World’s “clock” for any given event/day.  Below is what that chart looks like followed by some observations on what the astro-lingua says about the mundane and, most importantly, the Spiritual potentials suggested in this chart.  Before you dig in, please be advised that it is an exceptionally long, astrologically dense piece, in spite of my efforts to make it reader friendly.  For this, I beg your indulgence.  Perhaps you might like to skim the piece and just look at the BOLD TYPE.  That will give you a quick read on the highlights.  If interested in the details, they’ll always be here.  Please do scroll down to the Conclusions though.  In a few words, it gets down to the heart of the matter.


(A note here on my use of the “Whole Signs” chart:  While there are perhaps dozens of House systems
that may be used to erect a chart, I have found that Whole Signs give me the clearest 
possible “character
delineation” of the person or event possible.  And it is, after all, the spiritual 
character of this moment
with which I am most concerned in this reading of the chart.)

General Notes on the Fall Equinox

The word equinox means “equal night:” the length of the daytime being equal to that of the night.  This event only occurs twice a year, at the Vernal Equinox, marking the beginning of Spring, and the Autumnal Equinox, marking the ending of Summer. Astrologically, it is the day when the Sun enters the first degree of Libra.  It begins the time of the year when the night grows longer and the days shorter until the Winter Solstice in December.

The Autumnal Equinox also marks harvest celebrations in September.  It is the time of ripening and harvest.  It is also a day of sacrifice.   The ancient English sacrifice of John Barleycorn, for example, is a symbolic one: it is the spirit of the vegetation that is “sacrificed” to harvest the food that would sustain the people through the winter months and into the next growing season. In Pagan and Wiccan traditions Mabon is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings.  

Quite the Clutter

This year’s Autumnal Equinox charts seems chock-a-block with a tangle of red lines, signifying potentially contentious interactions between the planets.  We have four significant Oppositions; between Mercury and Neptune, the Sun and Chiron, Venus and Uranus and, last but not least, between the Moon and Mars.  Then there are the Squares between the Moon and Mercury, the Sun and Mars, and Mars and Chiron, with the Squares between Saturn and both Mercury and Neptune, completing this chart’s two worrisome T-Squares, and then of course, there’s another nasty looking Grand Square.  Just look at all that RED!

The Grand Cross 

This is predominant red laced pattern that I see in the chart.  Astrologically, a Grand Cross occurs when four planets are all separated from each other by Square aspects (90° apart). It can also be thought of as two Oppositions (180° apart) separated from each other by a Square.  While not fitting precisely that 90/120° formula, the pattern itself is a strong pull towards its completion.  However, in any Grand Cross pattern, there must be one Planet in each of the astrological elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water).  This one does that, with Mars in Fire (Sag), Mercury in Earth (Virgo), the Moon in Air and Neptune in Water (Pisces).

Because all the aspects in a Grand Cross, also sometimes referred to as a Grand Square, are considered difficult, it is seen as a source of extreme tension whereby the various aspects of the personality (represented by the Planets) are working at cross purposes that serve to nullify, contradict and/or work against each other.  In a purely mundane reading, this often results in indecisiveness and an inability to produce concrete achievements.  These tendencies tend to be heavily expressed as this particular GC is in Mutable signs. Consequently, it will take an extraordinary effort to overcome the conflicts the pattern presents.  However, this is certainly not a purely mundane reading.

Square Energies

The traditional commentary about Squares usually is negative.  And let’s face it, the nature of Square energy is, to say the least, provocative.  It prods its partners into action, and by any means necessary.  It’s just the nature of the beast.  However, as the old saying goes, “what you see is what you get.”  A Square’s effect, whether on a person or Planet, depends on how we see it.  We can be cowed by it or we can choose to feel it in from the Spiritual standpoint.  In this approach, we chose to accept the interchange at a wake-up call,  The alarm goes off in the morning.  We might not like it, but it gets us up.  We can appreciate that and get on with the day.  In this chart there are many alarms going off at the same time; much prodding and sometimes rather aggressive pushing going on.  Again, it’s the nature of the beast.  But consider this; any Square actually is on it’s way to becoming a much more pacific Trine (120°) aspect.  So there’s that too.  We can accept this energy either way.

The Grand Square’s Squares


The planets involved in this one are the Moon at 19° Gemini, Mercury, at 14° Virgo, Saturn at 11° Sagittarius and Neptune at 10° Pisces.  When Saturn is involved, it’s always a good idea to begin with it.  So… here’s Saturn, the taskmaster, chronologer, the things we take most seriously.  He is the bones of our body and the bones of Mother earth too.  When he moves we can feel it in our bones.  In this chart he is really the prime mover, with enough umph to get things going.  He uses that Square, provocative energy to interact with Mercury, Neptune and both the North and South Nodes.

The effect of its generational changing Square to Neptune has been felt by the Planet since last November.  It is certainly no stranger to the Spiritually concerned among us.  We have been aware of the sea change that has been happening in this enlightened age of world wide Spiritual Awakening.  Saturn wants us to change and it is this power of Saturn, acting as the teacher and taskmaster which we can use to learn the lessons of loving kindness, gratitude and constructive co-creation, liberating us from fear, guilt and worry.  Awareness is the key to doing so.

Sitting there alongside Neptune is the South Node.  As mathematical points rather than Planets, neither of the Nodes has any innate power to act themselves.  They are reactionaries, lying in wait for some Planet to contact them.  I like to refer to them, respectively, as the destiny of the now (N.N.) and the “have been there before” (S.N).  The South Node’s Conjunction to Neptune brings our remembrance of things past into the now, reinforced by the innately Spiritual Neptune, made potent here in Pisces, the sign it rules.  Neptune is comfortable in Pisces and brings that sense of comfort to this Node.  But the pair are Squared by Saturn, and he wants his due.  Don’t let this opportunity for the shake up of your Spirituality pass you by in this powerful Equinox season.

The Saturn/Mercury Square betokens hard mental work at the least.  Mercury, stationary in detailed oriented Virgo,** just sits there and takes the hit.  Work hard, pay close attention to the details and be open to constructive criticism.  Although communicating your plans and ideas will be difficult because of negative thinking and misunderstandings, openness to what others have to offer will get you through the Square and onto the more beneficial Sextile (60°) aspect coming soon.

And a few Other Squares

In this very busy chart, Mars also Squares Chiron and the Sun (though out-of-sign).  Its Square to Chiron provokes a wounding, or it could be a healing.  Let’s be open to the latter.  The Sun Squaring Mars can lead to confrontations with “the boss” (the 10th house Sun), but can also open you to be able “render unto Caesar” without acrimony.  The last of these bad boys is the Square between the Moon and Chiron.  The gentle Moon, garbed in scholastic robes in Gemini, is too soft herself to do damage, even through a Square.  And especially in relation to Chiron, who is known as the Great Teacher, First Astrologer and Healer.  There is a decidedly Spiritual message to be taken from this pairing: let your wounds be healed in the Mother’s gentle light.

The Grand Square Oppositions

The Moon at 19° Gemini opposes Saturn at 11° Sagittarius.  Saturn is quite the busy fellow in our Equinox chart.  But how does he interact with the Moon?  Well, first of all, in a mundane chart, astrologer Dorian Greenbaum tells us that Saturn represents State funerals, public sorrow and disappointment, while the Moon speaks to the common people, women generally, crowds, and all matters of a common or public nature and will.  In a mundane chart, the Moon shows show where the public’s attention falls.  And in this World chart, she is smack dab in the middle of the eighth house of other people’s money, taxes and death.  This face off might find the public’s attention riveted to the details of an assassination of a high ranking figure, or someone’s sordid tax affairs.  Are you listening, Mr. Trump?  And by the by, Saturn is in the 12th house of criminals, spies, secret enemies of the country at home or abroad secret, societies and occult religions. Hmm.

Mercury, Stationary at 14° Virgo opposes Neptune at 12 Pisces.   This connection brings mental confusion and the potential for relationship problems due to miscommunication.  It also means that our perceptions of reality become clouded due to an inability to filter out the background noise or useless information.  It’s not a good season in which to make important decisions, plans or undertake any detailed mental work.  Nor is it a good time to trust intuitions.  One could also say it’s a season under which the Planet in general is under “the fog of war.”

The Other Oppositions

The Sun at 00° Libra opposes Chiron at 22° Pisces.  Although it has a wide orb and is an out of sign, this Opposition nevertheless calls for our attention.  The Opposition is reinforced by the fact that the two are “Contra Parallel” meaning that they are opposite each other in both Longitude and Latitude, thus strengthening this otherwise wide orb and out-of sign aspect.

The Sun, which represents the Equinox chart’s core, center, spirit and sense of being is in the first degree of Libra where it naturally strives for Justice, peace and balance.  Chiron, known as “The Wounded Healer,” symbolically represents things that are out of shape or misplaced or in need of repair.  In Pisces, it is also about Spiritual pain.  And not for nothing, but one of my first astrology teachers called 23° of Pisces “the degree of sorrow,” and it is near enough, at 22°35′ Pisces, for me to call it a conjunction.  Sum it up, and this Opposition says, in short, a sorrowful wounding to the Planet’s core being.  

The Moon at 19° Gemini opposes Mars at 26° Sagittarius.  In general, this aspect creates a dynamic energy that needs expression in some physical action.  It can be a destructive energy for the public as, in a mundane chart, the Moon represents “the public.”  And there are surely enough Squares and Oppositions to both planets to suggest it will be a season that brings out the worst of dangerous effects.

Venus at 28° Libra opposes Uranus at 23° Aries.  Venus among other things in a mundane chart governs social factors connected to peace and diplomatic resolutions.  Here it is opposed to Uranus, which is in turn is in a Partile (exact by degree) Conjunction to the asteroid Eris, the Goddess of discord.  This piece of our Equinox puzzle adds a component of sudden and “out of the blue” qualities to any situation pertaining to those issues ruled by Venus.  Might well be a season which compels a “duck and cover” reaction.

The T-Square

t-square-9-22-16A T-Square is formed when (at least) two planets in opposition (180°) both aspect a third planet by square (90°). This third planet, known as the focal planet or apex, is situated around the midpoint of the opposition.  All three “legs” should be within an acceptable orb of each other (8°).  Here our Planets are Mars, Neptune and Mercury, all in Mutable signs.  Now, Mutable T-squares can produce much restlessness, frequent whims, and frequent changes of mind, but can also be very adept at adapting to circumstances.  (See Joyce Mason’s and Isaac George’s comments below for further clarifications.)

UntitledMercury governs the literary world, newspapers, publishers, ambassadors, trade and commerce, the intellectual world, and the World’s communication and telecom industry.  Finally stationary after a three week Retrograde* in detail oriented Virgo, Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is joined there by the North Node, which adds a decided air of destiny to its character in this Equinox chart.  

NeptuneNeptune is changeable and illusory in nature.  Dreams, illusion, abstract thought, the unconscious and the mysterious are all governed by it.  When positively aspected it manifests as idealism; when negatively aspected, as it is here, as escapism, things unconscious, deception, trickery, deceit, guilt and confusion. It also rules socialism, communism and left-wing political ideas (its urge is towards collectivism).  It is linked with mobs, secret plots, sedition, fraud and swindling, all illicit undertakings, bogus companies, loss and vice.


The Scales, one of Libra’s primary symbols, in which Saturn, the “grim reaper,” is exalted, for this is the time of reaping what we have sown.  Saturn, also known as “Father Time,” has chief influence over elderly people and governs life-threatening epidemics, landowners, farmers, mines, coal and industries connected to metals and minerals as well as State funerals, public sorrow and disappointments and governs the larger cycles of our terrestrial time.

Now Saturn and Neptune’s Square was exact last November and then again this past June, via Saturn’s Retrograde and then again, when both planets were in direct motion, on September 11th.  However, neither of the two previous Saturn/Neptune Squares had the South Node involved in a close Conjunction.  Nor was Saturn in a Square aspect to Mercury, which is that third planet in the T-Square where it is also conjunct to the North Node.  Our Equinox chart shows them in a close, if not exact, separating conjunction. 

An Out-Of-Sign T-Square


Somewhat hidden within the cluster of red lines, there is yet another T-Square in this Equinox chart.  The focal planet of this pattern, Mars, is at 26° Sag, Squaring both the Sun at 00° Libra and Chiron at 22° Pisces.  Before I explore this particular pattern, let me admit that many astrologers would not give this one any consideration.  In the first place, the Squares between Mars and the Sun and the Opposition between the Sun and Chiron are what is commonly know as “out of sign.”  When using the major aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, trine, and sextile), out of sign aspects always involve one planet at the very beginning of a sign and a second planet at the very end of one, such as the case here, with the Sun at the first degree of Libra and Chiron in last decan (10°) of Pisces.  The use of wider orbs is even considered, in some astrological circles, as being applicable when the wider orbs complete a specific planetary pattern such as we have with this T-Square..

If you allow out-of-sign aspects you find more importance in the number of degrees apart planets are than the signs they occupy, particularly if one uses the “moities”of in calculating aspect orbs.  Ergo, I’m taking the wide orb to suffice for this planetary pattern.  The Sun, in this chart, is in the 10th House.  In a materially oriented mundane chart, the tenth is the house of the “President, national leader or Chief of State.”   But here we’re looking at the Spiritual context, so I would say that it represents the Sovereign.  I would go further even and say that, in this context, it represents the Sovereign  Self.  The Opposition of that Sovereign Self with the Parallel Chiron “Great Healer/Teacher” and in Spiritual, Mystical Pisces, Squared by Mars in Sagittarius, where he resides as “the Spiritual War” gives the chart a stamp of approval from the Spiritual perspective.

One More Tidbit to Stub Our Toes on:

Eris, the Goddess of discord, moves incredibly slowly across the Zodiac.  Here, she is in a Partile Conjunction with Uranus.  In its current path through the signs, for example, Eris entered Aries in 1923 and will not enter Taurus until in 2048.  Therefore any interpretation of Eris in the signs is likely to be nonsensical.   However, her position in relation to the other planets in a chart can often be quite informative. Its movement in terms of influence (on character, on events) is fast, sometimes “fast and furious.”  There is impatience with this symbol, a sense of being driven to do something.   What someone then does may or may not prove to be clever or useful, but at least Eris sees to it that something is happening.   Eris goads us forward, like it or not.  And in a Partile (exact by degree) Conjunction to Uranus, which adds an element of sudden and “out of the blue” quality to any situation, this pair portends a season in which something most unusual will happen, out of the Blue.

And while I’m at it, let me remind you that Uranus is thought of as being akin to our “download port” for our conversations with Spirit.  Perhaps this is the Season when we are hit with a massive download of Spiritual Wisdom?  Why not be open to that possibility as well.

From my Friends and fellow HC Blog contributors

Joyce Mason has this to say about this T-Square:

Neptune/South Node feels to me like, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”  How
we’ve been deceived in the past needs an objective review for parallels in the present.  In other words,
it’s important to know who is being the Mercury/NN opposite Neptune/SN trickster or deceiver. In our
election, both Republicans and Dems have their own ideas about that.  However, in the bigger picture,
we must have Saturn control (completing the T-Square) over our Neptunian fears.  A spiritual outlook
(we’re all children of the universe) can really help there, and I think this volatile time asks everyone to take
a step back to analyze and course correct their knee-jerk reactions. And to act like grown-ups (Saturn).

About Venus opposite Uranus.  Shocking changes in relationships and matters of justice–brilliant insights
on how to get to consensus.  
The high-spiritual thinking of efforts like subtle activism (mass influence by spiritual practices) or bridging the political divide, are on the leading edge of their time. I don’t want to say “ahead of their time,” because to me, time is so up for the salvation of our Planet and Spirits.

Sage advice from a wise woman there, says me.  You see, dear reader, no matter how often folks negatively interpret T-Squares, there IS a positive lurking in this challenging aspect pattern.  Perhaps the most important positive aspect of the T-Square is that it presents a change in consciousness in order to manifest good from whatever challenge that is.  This pattern, for all its innate tension, also stimulates drive and courage.

Isaac George adds this tasty morsel about the T-Square:

I also feel that this configuration has a purpose that goes deep into provoking the collective consciousness
to examine the structures of existing edifices in our world system, whether political, corporate, economic,
religious and even alternative spirituality.  I have felt for a long time that the “new age” is an amalgamation
of many previous religious or esoteric traditions, and many of the assumptions or prophetic views of how
we would arrive at a future age of enlightenment have seen a number of unexpected detours or off-road
journeys that no one had anticipated.

That said, Saturn’s role in Sagittarius, while still square Neptune and the South Node in Pisces, is to help
us find the courage to question all of our sacred cows, no matter how comfortable or familiar they’ve
become. This all leads into the spiritual potential inherent in the Jupiter-Sun conjunction at the MC.
Jupiter at 2 Libra is sitting at the degree of the Super Galactic Center, a supermassive black hole that our
Milky Way galaxy and numerous neighboring galaxies orbits around.

To me this is our spiritual HQ in our local Universe.  I strongly sense that the power of downloads from
the SGC via the planet that rules Sagittarius and Pisces (Jupiter) is no mere coincidence. It’s a mega
transmission event that will initiate us into reconsidering what we understand spirituality is all really
about.  I won’t even hazard a guess as to what this will mean for the human species and our planet.
However, I sense it will be unlike anything we’ve seen or understood until now.  Jupiter is symbolically
represented in the Tarot as the Hierophant, and this looks like a collective baptism or Initiation into
a brand new paradigm.

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen looks at some mid-points for us and finds several of note.  She comments:

Chart is set for 10:21:04 EDT in Washington DC

As we know, Ingress charts begin to work about six weeks before the actual ingress and apply for about 8 weeks after.  There are interesting midpoints on the Cardinal Axis: Mars/Jupiter – successful action, Moon/Kronos – female leader, independent woman, great nation; Mercury/Pluto – to conform to the general thinking; Admetos/Vulcanus – the buffers of fate, mighty obstacles.   And, Uranus is within one degree of making a minor hard aspect to these midpoints as is the Saturn/Poseidon midpoint (the teacher, the model).

This combination might be describing Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House.  The question is will the buffers of fate propel her through the glass ceiling or bring her to her knees? It is certainly indicative of the health challenges, questions about her emails, and the public perception of her as somewhat less than honest that she is currently experiencing.  The Mars/Jupiter can likely provide the ability to soldier through all of this, however,  the Admetos/Vulcanus points to the idea that there are larger forces at work here and that her fate is out of her control.

On the Brighter Side

Stationary Direct Mercury is in an exact (120°) Trine to Pluto.   This suggests that imagination and intuition run high for us in this season.  Being in the right place at the right time now could allow us to “get” the information we want, almost “magically.”  This transit encourages Spirituality and its promotion, allowing two-way communication on the more subtle, Spiritual levels.

Venus is also in a tight Bi-Quintile (144°) relationship with Chiron.  That Quintile aspects between the two translates as the spiritual drive to create a transformative healing through the power of Love, especially with Venus in loving Libra and Chiron in Spiritual Pisces.  A very welcomed aspect in our Equinox Chart, for us, both individually and collectively.

Speaking of Bi-Quintiles, there’s another one in the chart, as Mercury is Bi-Quintile to Uranus.  This is an interesting combination as Uranus is considered to be the higher octave planet to Mercury.  The very nature of the Quintile series of aspects points to talents and the desire to build or make things.  This is not only an aspect of creativity, but also one of open-mindedness and even of Spiritual Communication, reinforcing that two-way communication implied in Mercury/Pluto trine.

And there’s more; that OOB Mars also Quintiles (72°) Uranus.  That’s a nice add as this aspectual relationship indicates an element of surprise and spontaneous free-spiritedness which allows us to be open to the unexpected, out of the ordinary Spiritual communication expressed above.

How about one more?  And this a big one, as it congenially combines the energies of two of the major players in astrology.  The Sun Quintiles Saturn, thus allowing us to bring forth order out of the chaos that seems so prevalent in the chart’s less than fortuitous Squares and Oppositions.  So there’s plenty in this Equinox chart to be optimistic about, but we’re not finished yet with the good news, and it’s really grand.

At the very top of the chart, you can see that the Sun is in a tight applying Conjunction to Jupiter.  Further, this Conjunction is strongly reinforced by the fact that they are tightly Parallel (07′) by Declination, meaning that they are together at the same degree of North Latitude.  This brings together a potent blend of confidence, optimism, generosity and sincere concern for others, along with an abundance of Spiritual energy into this Equinox snapshot.

Even More Good News: A Mystic Rectangle

2016-ae-mrA Mystic Rectangle pattern, first spoken about in contemporary astrology by Michael Erlewine, develops when two sets of oppositions are sextile to each other. This aspect pattern must have the following connections: two Oppositions, two Sextiles and two Trines.  The balance and structure of this pattern is fairly impressive.  For the Spiritually minded among us, it tells us that in order to take advantage of it, we  must approach it with awareness and mindful endeavors. This is where we can use the traditional Spiritual practices of the Equinox Season to give thanks, to call upon Spirit to co-create with us that Ascended Life, Being and World that is our Birthright and to, in the words of the late Wayne Dyer, to “see what we believe.”

The Players

The “guys in this band” are the Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus.  Together they actually make an ideal combo to allow us to see, feel, hear and love what we believe.   

The Moon is our emotions and our emotional needs.  In the mundane chart of the Planet’s Equinox, it also represents the people.  Mars, that normally combative fellow, is in a harmonious Sextile (60°) relationship with Venus, softening the out-of-bounds Martian rambunctiousness and lighting a warm fire beneath a sometimes docile Venus, who is not always mild mannered.  Remember her rather war-like qualities in Homer’s Iliad?

The Moon is also in a wide orb but applying Trine (120°) to Venus.  These two decidedly feminine energies bring that essential element into play.  The Moon/Venus Trine points to a positive resolution.

The Sabian Symbols hit the Spiritual nail on the head

Lynda Hill, our dear friend, Concordance Blog contributor, world renowned astrologer and Sabian Symbols expert, sends these Marc Edmund Jones/Elsie Wheeler inspired Sabian degree readings.  Keep in mind that when looking at the degrees in the Sabians, that they are all rounded up to the next degree.  While our Equinox chart shows, for example, that the Sun is at 00° Libra, in the Sabians it is read as 01° Libra.  As I read them in conjunction with this specific chart, I can’t help but feel that there is a definitive Spirituality expressed by them, especially in light of the largely Spiritual reading I have promoted in this piece.  See what you think.  Reading counterclockwise around the chart, beginning at the Sun, the Sabians say:


This Symbol, Lynda writes, “…implies something vital and beautiful being “Preserved” so the passing of time doesn’t age, decay or destroy it…[that] does bring some wonderful rewards with longevity and a sense of something eternally good attached to it.”

Now, combine, through that doubly powerful Conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter with the Sabian Symbol for Jupiter at 3 Libra.


According to Lynda, “This Symbol pictures sudden, new beginnings happening in one’s life. Things can change so quickly that it’s hard to believe at first, but eventually it dawns on you that things are different in the light of a “New Day.”  Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, gradually let go of what went before and embrace the new opportunities that beckon” (emphasis mine).


Lynda goes on to say:  This Symbol speaks of handing knowledge down through the ages so that the wisdom and teaching are not lost and people in successive generations may benefit from studying or knowing it…there is always more to wisdom than just knowing; it’s what’s done with knowledge that creates wisdom.  It is through knowledge and understanding that we can bridge the gap between ourselves and others and ensure that valuable lessons and insights are available to all.  

Saturn (12° Sagittarius) A FLAG THAT TURNS INTO AN EAGLE; THE EAGLE INTO A CHANTICLEER                                                            SALUTING THE DAWN

This Symbol shows being able to proclaim one’s feelings, beliefs, love of country or political opinions, without feeling they are likely to be criticized, shot down or dismissed. Our highest ideals can be expressed proudly, like “A Flag” and as an expression of spiritual purity – “The Eagle” at “Dawn.”…issues that are really worthwhile and ‘centered’ will be seen by many and heard in the clear light of day.


This Symbol shows being able to project one’s visions, thoughts or ideals out into the world so that they take form and come into conscious manifestation. This is the degree of the Galactic Center and it holds an enormous charge of energy and power, something not to be taken lightly. There is a responsibility inherent in this for you to understand that your thoughts will take shape, so be careful about what you think!


This Symbol shows the need to heal, calm, soothe and repair the lives of those who need your help, comfort and shelter. In times of healing there’s simple pleasures to raise the spirits, whether it’s of “Children” or people of any age…There is also a need for caring shows of affectionate concern. 


This shows having a quest, “Seeking Illumination,” having a “Path” and staying on it regardless of what life throws at you. Sometimes the search for high ideals and understanding places us at odds with the more conservative social expectations of others. It is the ability to persevere with the search, regardless of the cost, that marks the sincerity of any path or journey…Most times this quest is very illuminating, [but] sometimes it’s confusing.


This shows knowing when to stop battling in life, when to lay down one’s “Sword” and take up a higher position that reflects a more intelligent or spiritual way of being in the world…We are uplifted by the symbolic memory of past deeds of valor, although stings of defeat may be part of the story…The Spear of Destiny. 


This shows the ability, or the need, to pick up subtle energies and psychic clues in the environment.  The “Materializing Medium” can receive radiations, frequencies or vibrations that cannot easily be sensed by most people.  You may be experiencing a surprising sensitivity and awareness to spiritual forces and energies…This can show someone who can “Materialize” things; make things happen just by thinking about or concentrating on them.

Uranus/Eris (23° Aries) AN OPEN WINDOW AND A NET CURTAIN BLOWING INTO THE SHAPE OF A                                                        CORNUCOPIA

This Symbol shows that your mind is, or should be, open to possibilities that are being ‘blown’ in from the realm of spirit. There is an abundance coming, shown by the Cornucopia, which will be self-sustaining. This degree suggests that with the slightest change in direction your fortunes could change as well. Look for out-of-the-ordinary opportunities and possibilities. 


This Symbol shows the wide range of nourishment, opportunity and the ability to have things in our modern world.  There are so many choices but each has its price, so be careful what you choose.  Each will nourish you, but some things are far more nourishing and sustaining than others…Having one’s hungers satisfied versus satiation.

The North Node (13° Virgo) A POWERFUL STATESMAN OVERCOMES A STATE OF POLITICAL                                                                               HYSTERIA

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, to be able to calm situations, to solve a crisis, to have a steady hand that shows others that someone is in charge.  If this is not operating on a positive level in your life you may want to assess where you need to be doing it…It is through control and the power of your personality that you can resolve situations and bring back a state of equilibrium to all involved.  


This Symbol speaks of emotions and the delicacy of feelings and a preparedness to show one’s emotions.  Often, the “Ornamental Handkerchief” shows someone who has issues or problems with being emotional, letting go or crying. It can, however, show a person who is always there, at the ready, for people who need a shoulder to cry on or a kind ear to listen. Sometimes the smallest tokens of our past, like a “Fine Lace Handkerchief” can bring us a sense of security and joy. 


So what should you take away from this overflowing basket of Conjunctions, Trines, Squares, Rectangles, and Quintiles, etc? The most important thing to remember is that all of this activity is happening to speed the evolution of humanity along.  The collective outcome depends on how we, as individuals, respond to these challenges.

My suggestion is that you think about what you want take from these events and portents and set aside time for a ceremony on the 22nd.  Pick the aspects that affect your life most deeply, create a representation of them, and light a candle, say a prayer, or do what you need to send out intention for their successful resolution during this Autumn season.

The Harvest time is acomin’.  May it be a great and fruitful Season for you, and for all of us.

* * * * * *

This piece is dedicated to our late friend, Bennie “Rainbow Thunder Heart” LeBeau, aka BlueThunder.


* Traditional astrology holds that the orb of a planet is the diameter of an imaginary sphere of light surrounding it. The radius of that sphere is the moiety. The sum of the moieties of any two planets gives the maximum distance that their bodies can be from exact aspect for the aspect to be effective. Used mainly in Horary, this is not to be confused with the “orb of aspect” used in Natal Astrology.

** While Mercury is finally turning direct this Equinox morning, be forewarned, it will be in its “post-Shadow Period,” which is every bit as disruptive as the full on Rx, until October 7th.  That adds another 2 weeks of Merc related foul ups.  During the Shadow period, those foul ups, especially considering that the whole of this Mercury retrograde period is in Virgo, which actually dated back to September 14th (to include its pre-Shadow also), it is especially a time to pay attention to the details!  Remember, “The devil is in the details.